The departments are the core of the academic studies at school. Paradise High School has four departments working collaboratively; Language, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. The departments have their meetings once in two weeks. In these meetings, there are lesson demos, and discussions on improving the quality of teaching, exams, quizzes, projects, homework and extra-curricular activities that each department organizes annually.


Primary School


Paradise High School believes that every student has the ability and the right to learn. The school provides positive support for students to take responsibility for their learning.


The curriculum provides opportunities for intellectual challenge, the development of appropriate cultural values and social skills, and the fostering of the physical development of students, which will assist them to lead healthy and productive lives.


In Primary School curriculum, students are more focused on practical learning appropriate for their age level. Students are engaged in presentations, annual projects, hands-on activities, excursions and group activities. Through these practical learning approaches, we aim to develop individuals who are resourceful, able to think critically and confident in completing a task.


The primary curriculum covers the following subjects; English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Personal Development, Turkish Language, Expressive Arts and Music, Computing, Making a Living, Physical Education and Religious Education.


Secondary School


Students are challenged academically during the secondary school. They are provided extra resources to practice for their National Examinations, more hands-on activities or experiments are conducted, discussions, presentations and debates are used for teaching. Students’ study habits such as number of hours they study, number of pages they read, number of questions they solve are closely monitored. Special attention is paid on homework and assignment.


They are encouraged to take part in the sports activities, too. The subjects taught are:






Grade 9-10

      Mathematics, English, Science, Social Science, Business                 Studies, Information Technology, Physical Education, Personal Development, Turkish Language and Guidance


Grade 11-12


  General Mathematics, Language & Literature, History, Economics, Personal Development, Physical Education, and Guidance

  Geography and Business Studies

Grade 11-12


Advance Mathematics, Language & Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Personal Development, Physical Education and Guidance

Biology and ICT