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10th Graduation Ceremony was held at Caritas Hall. Ceremony started with welcome remarks by MC. After that all students, parents and guests stood up for the national anthem. National anthem was lead by a group of students of PHS. After watching school video, Mr. Deliismail who is director of PHS gave his speech. A group of students performed a Journey (Drama) on the stage. MC called Hon. MP Kevin Isifu, Minister for Inter-Government Relations, for the keynote speech. Program continued with calling grade 8-graduation ceremony. This year grade 8-dux student was Joddy Pelis.


From spreading the gospel through music to carrying out awareness to schools, the Planet Shakers always leave their audience moved and inspired.


On the 15th of August, the blood bank from POMGEN paid their annual visit to Paradise High School. Students
age 16 and above were given permission to donate blood. The staff and students had both donated, including our
very own school director, Mr. Safak Deliismail. Out of the people allowed to give blood, 43 of them were rejected to
donate because their haemoglobin level was low. A person’s haemoglobin level has to be 12.5, in order for
them to be able to donate blood. The number of boys donating has been increasing annually.


In the beginning of the 3rd term, ten students were selected from grade 9 to participate in a drama competition which
had been held at the Port Moresby Arts theatre. Schools that participated included Paradise High School,
Marianville, Dela Salle, Jubillee and many other secondary schools in Port Moresby. Paradise High Schools students
were accompanied by their English teacher Mr. Begench. During the first two weeks of the term, the students were
coached and taught about acting, stage setting etc. They witnessed presentations by different NGO’s to help them


The Rugby League World Cup is held every four years. The previous RLWC was held in Europe and for this year
three nations in the Pacific including PNG hosted the RLWC. PHS was privileged to have four KUMUL players from
our National Rugby League World Cup Team; Wartovo Puara Jnr., Kurt Baptist, Enoch Maki and Willie Minoga
visited the school. The visit was made possible through the initiative of one of student named; Hajjara Alva Kora in 11K. The students


Four students from Paradise High School participated in the You Debate Competition last 18th October 2017.
The four were Irene Aiu, Michaeline Uro, Faith Kongri and Ruach Wemin along with their supervising teacher
Mr, Barbaros Seker. There were 12 schools who participated including PHS from Papua New Guinea.
The debate was challenging, nerve-wrecking but fun. PNG PHS won one out of three rounds with their worthy
opponent. Despite that, the students found their experience challenging and worthy zof learning.


Colorful costumes, enthusiastic dancers, cheerful audience...


The PHS biennial cultural show was held on the 23 of June 2017 here in the school campus.  The show showcased 18 groups with the new inclusions of AROB and West Papua groups.


“Cooking Club”

Cooking Club is on action. “Cooking Club” is a group of teachers and parents who gather together on a regular basis to take on a cooking project or explore an unfamiliar cuisine. The club is offering an opportunity to learn how to make tasty and nutritious dishes and desserts.


“RABAUL TRIP – First in-country trip taken by Paradise High School”

They say ‘opportunity knocks at every man’s door only once’ and when the Rabaul Trip was knocking at the doors of enthusiastic teachers and students, they made sure that knock was not going to be left unanswered. The Rabaul Trip took place during the second week of school holidays and the preparations leading up to it was worth the trip. The trip was introduced to students from grade 11 and grade 12 to take part in.


In order to raise awareness of social responsibilities and remembering our culture we, as Paradise High School, organize veriety of activities with the help of students together.


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