The 10th Inter-School Speech Contest was staged from 10ː 00am to 12ː30pm on Tuesday, 30th May 2017. A total number of ten schools took part in this year’s speech contest giving a total of 20 participants. The table below shows the details of the participating schoolsː

School  Name of students;

1. Sogeri National High   Isaiah Meut (Gr 12) - Henrietta Daniel (Gr 12)
2. Laloki Secondary   Elizabeth Nou (Gr 12) - Gerald Diro (Gr 12)
3. St Charles Lwanga  Edna Kiisakau Urikai (Gr 9) - Barbara Waugla (Gr 10)
4. Iarowari Secondary  Hariette Gabi (Gr 11) - Rose Hale (Gr 11)
5. PNG Paradise Connie   Tuvui {Gr 12) - Shantel Rogers (Gr 12)
6. Kilakila Secondary  Norman Colman (Gr 11) - Clara Silas (Gr 9)
7. Tokarara Secondary  Massah Martin (Gr 12) - Carl Robin (Gr 12)
8. St Joseph’s Catholic College Valerie Haro (Gr 10) - Rozario Willy (Gr 10)
9. Gerehu Secondary   Venessa .Y - Faustina Mark 
10. POMIS   Caleb Tepi - Jemimah Kundi

The judging panel was made up of five individualsː
• Mr Kepa Darima an Assistant Lecturer of School of Business (IBSU)
• Mr Baka Barakove Bina - Supreme and National Court – Waigani (The Keynote Speaker)
• Senior Elder Magea Kivali – Hohola Adventist Church
• Mr Emmanuel Peni - Chairperson of Crocodile Prize Organisation.
• Mrs Susan Saiho – Coordinator at FODE.

The winners for this event were ː
• Barbara Waugla of St Charles Lwanga  (1st Place)
• Shantel Rogers Kango of PNG Paradise (2nd Place)
• Henrietta Daniel of Sogeri NHS   (3rd Place)


All participants (schools and students) were awarded with certificates.
The event ended at 12.30pm.
Ms. Maria Gilipasi (Event Coordinator – 2017)

Shantel Rogers