10th Graduation Ceremony was held at Caritas Hall. Ceremony started with welcome remarks by MC. After that all students, parents and guests stood up for the national anthem. National anthem was lead by a group of students of PHS. After watching school video, Mr. Deliismail who is director of PHS gave his speech. A group of students performed a Journey (Drama) on the stage. MC called Hon. MP Kevin Isifu, Minister for Inter-Government Relations, for the keynote speech. Program continued with calling grade 8-graduation ceremony. This year grade 8-dux student was Joddy Pelis. Every year PHS gives awards to students in different categories. After price-giving ceremony, dancers showed their skills on the stage. MC called up the grade 10 students to the stage for their graduation ceremony. Singers song ‘Together we can’  together with everyone in the hall. While  everyone watching  the most memorial moment grade 12 students were called the stage to receive their diploma by Hon. MP Kevin Isifu. At last proclamation was given by Mr.Deliismail to announce grade 12 were officially graduated.

Awards were given to following students;
1-The Reader of the year; Lilion Driso, Haydee Crystal Olangi. Mercy Koyali Puiye, Iruruba Gabi, Keziah Bartolome, Shirly Wahamu, Mouna Kwarara
2-The Young writer award; Elizabeth Torie, Natasha Sine, Joddy Pelis, Ashanty Leong, Aiola Myer Mok, Chamberlaine Manzanaik, Neevah Eberl
3-Best Athlete Awards; Freeman Kakas, Rocky Koi, Kehrn Muturam, Pantaval Ove, Benjamin Ire, Neil Robert Pup, Augustine Bulu
4-Most Improved Students; Anthony Eron, Benjamin Ao, Kehrn Muturam, Joseph Ove, Taporah Porop, Guruga Edimani, Talusan Kitalu, Hajjara Kora, Andrew Boga, Julie Sengele, Clinton Benabo
5-Best Artist Awards;Haydn Lamang, Locksley Koriyomba, Diana Aiu
6-Most Disiplined Student Award; Latanya Pokarup, Natasha Sine, Diana Aiu, Pantaval Ove, Keziah Bartolome, Shirly Wahamu, Serena Martin
7-Academic of Exxellence; Haydn Lamang, Natasha Sine, Jemimah Paisawa, Emilda Mapusa, Ewawariella Kora, Rachael Saulep
8-Loyalty Awards; Abigail Mube, Sition Lapansaru, Jimmy Nou, Neevah Eberl, Natasha Johns