The Science Fair is a biennial activity which begun at 2010 and organized by Science Department. The aim of this activity is to show how science works in practice. There are many other benefits of organizing this activity as well. Some of them are, increasing students’ interest and knowledge in science, teaching students how to work in a group, giving opportunity to the students to present their projects and gain self confidence, interacting with other school students and sharing their knowledge, etc. Students have chosen their projects and worked on them since first term. Most of our projects were practical and visitors took part in them.  The statistics about Science Fair 2014 is shown below:

No. of Projects displayed: 26

No. of students participated in: 64

Name of the Projects: 

Name of the Projects:

SCIENCE Mr.Bayram 1 Gyroscope Courtney Valeo(6),Pantaval Ove(6),Michaeline Urro(6)
2 Are you Left or Right Sided Bonita Mairi(7), Grace Rahwuth(7),
Amelia Wambi(7)
3 Supertaster Keziah Bartolome(7), Rhoda Nanadai(7), Ivy Kapipi(6)
Mrs.Iharua 4 Crashing Can Terence Mapai(9), Barbara Kiapen(9), Cassandra Konga(9)
5 Starch Olive Meraudje(9), Jerrald Kogia(9),
Lyn Kakailai(9)
6 Magic Box Emmanuel Rai(9), Avae Tamarua(9)
PHYSICS Mr.Aydin 7 Nail Bed Helen Sagi(11), Lindsay Kiapen(11)
8 Smoke Ring Cerullo Waranaka(12),
Thadstadt Gerawa(12)
9 Pulley Rodrick Wararu(11), Graham Boko(11), Joel Komun(11)
10 Concentration Box Stephanie Anisa(12), Joyce Pehera(12)
11 Pendulum Junior Wai(11), Don Dobunaba(11)
CHEMISTRY Mr. Robert 12 Invisible ink Joshua Baim(11), Mark Lelesi(11)
13 Fake Surgery Joel Rahwuth(11), Mea Lobo Apiak(11)
14 Friendly Fire Anthony Chan(11), Alfred Warren(11)
15 Dragon Fire Pia Damena(11), Zennanie Onglo(11)
16 Chemical Rocket Yingjie Shi(11), Ida Kila(11)
BIOLOGY Mr. Iharua 17 Microscopic World Annette Tagua(10), Nadine Kila(10), Polianna Billy(10)
18 Dangers of Smoking Rose Wakrima(11), Melino Meyer(11)
19 Transpiration Macy Biyama(11), Catherine Kwarara(11)
20 Live Organs Peter Umin(11), Khlato Mengeap(11)
MATHS Mr. Kilicaslan 21 Pick’s Theorem Maxine Rai(7), Rotona Hariki(7)
Mrs. Aydin 22 Impossible Drawings Stacey Garia(11), Gaudi Kaib(11)
Mr. Deliismail 23 Abacus Wujian Zheming(9), Conway Wong(9)
Ms. Bargel 24 Puzzle Corner

Jacob Benga(7), Herman Kakas(11),
Livingston Tay(11), Peter Pehera(11),

Mouna Kwarara(9), Frank Garia(6)

MATHS Mr. Simsek
25 Illusions Pauline Kangu(11), Melean Pokowas(11)
26 3-D Pictures Susan Walizopa(10), Valisha Pala(10)

1st Place: Friendly Fire
2nd Place: Chemical Rocket
3rd Place: Dangers of Smoking.
As Science department we acknowledge the school for supporting us and giving opportunity to the students to demonstrate their scientific skills in such an activity.
I would like to thank personally all of our dedicated supervisors, subject teachers, ancillary staff who were behind of this event preparation and helped on the event day.
We appreciate the effort of the all students who took part in the Science Fair 2014 this year and congratulate the winners.

Mr. Aydin
HOD- Science Department