The ANIS COMPETITION is a school-organised writing competition which began in 2013. It is a story writing competition in which students are expected to use creativity, imagination and many other relevant skills. It is an assessment task, thus, it is compulsory for everyone in the school.

This year the prompt was: ‘You were abducted by aliens and taken to another planet. You returned to earth  after ten years.’ Tell us your story.

There were three (3) different levels: the primary school (gr 6 -8), the lower secondary (gr 9-10) and the upper secondary (gr 11 – 12). However, the grades 10s were excluded from this year’s competition to prepare for the National Written Expression Examination.

English teachers at each level were the judges for their students. Thus, the criteria were devised accordingly. 

The winners of this year are as shown in the table:

Category Name (Grade) Position Title of story
Primary Keziah Bartolome (Gr 7) 1st Human Beings from Planet Earth
Vete’ange Kiapen (Gr 8) 2nd The Storm Aliens
Abbygale  Magung (Gr 6) 3rd The Truth



(gr 9 only)

Abigail Mube (Gr 9) 1st Abduction
Gerald Kogia (Gr 9) 2nd The Alien Boy

Barbra Kiapen


Emmanuel Rai (Gr 9)

3rd Planet Stone
My Name is
Upper Secondary Pauline Magaya (Gr 12H) 1st That Fateful Day
Kay Igua  (Gr 12H) 2nd The Escape to the Unknown World
Nichola Talbus (Gr 12 H) 3rd Queen Abduction

As a department, we acknowledge the school for taking the initiative to facilitate many activities to enhance skills in this subject. Most importantly the 15-minute reading period that takes place every day. However short this reading period maybe, it has greatly impacted the quality of writing in many students.

We appreciate the effort of the all students who took part in the ANIS Competition this year and congratulate the winners.

We wrote as an animal in 2013 and an abducted human by aliens in 2014. What will the question be in 2015?

Keep turning those pages in the books to prepare for the year ahead! We look forward to another exciting writing competition in 2015.

By Ms Maria Gilipasi (HOD- Language Department)



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