Annis Essay Contest 2015

The Anis Competition is a school-organised writing competition, which began in 2013. It is a story writing competition in which students are expected to use creativity, imagination and many other relevant skills. It is an assessment task, thus, it is compulsory for everyone in the school.
This year the prompt was: ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel.’ Tell us your story.
There were three (3) different levels: the primary school (gr 6 -8), the lower secondary (gr9-10) and the upper secondary (gr 11 – 12).
English teachers at each level were the judges for their students. Thus, the criteria were devised accordingly. 
The winners of this year are as shown in the table:


Category Name (Grade) Position Title of story
Primary Michaeline Urro (Gr 7) 1st The basketball star
Keziah Bartalome (Gr 8) 2nd A little hope
Stacey Rawuth (Gr 6) 3rd Dreams are possible to accomplish



(gr 9 only)

Chloe Verenagi (Gr 10-A) 1st Dreams of the soul
Hellen R Tapaua (Gr 9-A) 2nd Hard work always pays off in the end
Ewawariella Kora  (Gr 9-A) 3rd Man’s greatest mistake
Upper Secondary Joel Rawuth (Gr 12S) 1st The wise words of a stranger
Sylvia Ellison (Gr 11H) 2nd Take off like a plane and ain’t never landin
Nadine Kila Pat (Gr 11S) 3rd Sunrise in my heart

We appreciate the effort of the all students who took part in the ANIS Competition this year and congratulate the winners.