The annual Anis writing competition took place in term one from week 6 to 8. The Anis writing competition was first held in 2013 with the aims for students to:  write stories using their imagination and creativity, to help students develop and build on their writing skills, and mainly to help student prepare for the written expression examinations when they reach grade 8, 10 and 12.


This year’s theme was about a quest on survival.  Students’ were required to complete their story from the information given on the theme which was, “You are trapped on a deserted island, in the jungles of the rain forest.  Describe your struggle to find the basic necessities of food, water and shelter from a hostile environment.


The Language Department evaluated the students write-ups based on the set criteria and came up with the following result of winners.


Upper Primary School
1st place - Mercy Puiye        -8Balanced
2nd place - Stacey Rawuth   -8Balanced
3rd place – Chan Hou Him    -6Explorer


Lower Secondary
1st place - Keziah Bartolome  - 10 Principled
2nd place - Courtney Baleo     -9 Communicators
3rd place - JemimahPaisawa  -9 Communicators


Upper Secondary
1st place - Chamberlaine Manzanaik  - 11 Knowledgeable
2nd place - Chelsea Moro Ao                - 11 Reflective
3rd place - Connie Tuvui                        - 12 Risk takers