Cultural Diversity Day

The Cultural Diversity Day took place on the 24th of September, 2011. It was an event organized by the school and coordinated by the PD Department. The theme for this year was ‘Paying Homage to Our Cultural Heritage’. There were three main activities on the day of the event; the Cultural DancesMr. and Ms Culture Quest, and The International Food Stall. The preproduction period was also worth mentioning since a lot of effort and commitment were put in by responsible teachers, dance instructors from the community, and parents. Their interest was well credit for this activity. The school administration itself has committed all the help the event required.  
Cultural Dances
Regional groups were formed in order to cater the small student population. The coordinators and the helping teachers for each regions of PNG who took charge of each regional groups preparations and rehearsals were; Ms Amanu and Mr. Serdar were in charge of Momase, Mr. Kubul and Mr. Ibrahim took charge of Highlands, Ms Elias and Mr. Yasin were New Guinea Islands, Southern Region were Ms Gilipasi, Mr Iharua, and Mr. Turker were Southern Region, The International Dances Ms Sari and Ms. Kain took care of. International teachers were included in order for gaining cultural experiences.
Community and parents were invited to assist dance practices and provide their traditional costumes. Local dance instructors were invited to instruct and assist students in their dance rehearsal stages and preparations. The dance instructors also committed their time and made the show a success.  The coordinators of regional group also dedicated a lot of time to the rehearsal stages which were well commanded for.
There were more than expected numbers of audiences. Tickets were produced at school and sold out to other members of families apart from the parents. 
The event began with selected students in their full traditional costumes parading on to stage with background music titled, ‘PNG getting stronger’ .As the music fades the National pledge was recited to commemorate the independence period and also as  the theme for the event.
Each regional group selected a dance or two from each province to present. All the performances went very well. Everything was done on time. Performance line was good. Few hiccups of delayed performers were filled in by available performers. All the credits goes back to students who understood the importance of not keeping the audience waiting and making the show flow, with audience realizing the hiccups along the way. The performances were; Momase; sepik song, Highlands with simbus pig killing ceremonial dance, Southern Region with a central dance, NGI boys and girls with New Ireland Dances, Paradise High School NGI group was the memorable dance piece from New Ireland instructed by NGI students to expatriate teachers, which the principal of the school also participated.
The Master of ceremony was Mr. Iharua, who controlled the show with ease and intelligibly.
International Food Stall
International food corner was organized by the participation of international members of the school community to share recipes and a taste of international diet. It was an idea for all to feel a piece of home and be connected in this cultural activity since food is an important culture.  It identifies our origin and place in the world. Sharing food and recipe on such occasion was meaningful part of the event. 
The Administrative staff organized the food corner. Ms Melek and Ms Shama took the lead. It was well organized because at the end of lunch hour all food was gone.
Mr. & Miss Culture Quest
Mr. & Miss Culture of Paradise High School was the most anticipated activity. Each Regional Group organized and prepared two students to represent their region for the quest. Prior to the event, the students and their coordinators were informed of the program which included; a judge panel of three people for judging of procession, speech presentation & general questions. Criterion was set and used on the procession, traditional attires, and speech presentations. The contestants were brought in by a procession of traditional dancers dancing to traditional beats.
There were eight contestants. They first introduced themselves, then described and explained their traditional attire and answered some questions and lastly presented their speech on a particular aspects of their cultural life style.
Most have presented their speech very well. Most of the contestants talked about how their traditional attires were made. The time came to what all waited to hear, Miss & Mr. Culture. The most awarded regional group was the Southern Region; the winners were Billy Gaso from Oro province and Felicity  Tomausi from Milne Bay-Trobriand Island.                                            
The Cultural Diversity Day and its theme for this year’ we pay homage to our cultural Heritage’ did instill in all a meaningful celebration to end the Independent Celebration festivity. It was a success because all had the heart to pay respect to their cultural identity which is the source of our strength. We should all look to the past to shape our future.
Ms. B. Kain
Expressive Art Instructor
In charge of Cultural Diversity Day