Paradise High School wants to raise responsible citizens who care about their community and pay attention to people needs. Therefore, we have had some community service activities throughout the years. In 2013, we distributed food packs to four settlements, beef meat to several locations and invited two optometrists from Australia and checked the eyes of the villagers in the Central Province and also provided eye glasses for them.
We have strong relationship with our sister schools in Australia. Through them, we came to know a new organization named “Empathy Australia” based in Melbourne which provides humanitarian help to the people who experience difficulties and disasters all over the world. We have contacted them and offered them partnership. They have accepted and organized a donation campaign for PNG. They collected good second- hand clothes, shoes and toys. We received a forty- feet container from the NGO in late January.
The students helped us the pack the items after school. Our teaching team contacted the leaders in the eleven different settlements such as 5-MILE, 6-MILE, Morata, Baruni, June Valley, Bush Wara and etc. The leaders in the communities prepared a list of the families who are in need. In an agreed time, we carried all the plastic bags which contained clothes for men, women and children, shoes and toys to the settlements and distributed them. It was the first time for the people of those settlements that somebody has remembered them and brought some help. We had lots of challenges and joy at the same time. We have distributed around two thousand plastic bags in total and it took around three weeks to pack and deliver the bags around POM.
We would like to acknowledge the work done by Empathy Australia for the people of PNG.  And thank to our teachers and students who helped us to pack and distribute the aid to the people in need in POM.
Safak Deliismail