Paradise High School, once again, has extended its helping hands to the needy people  of the  settlements in POM.  In cooperation  with ARO (Australian Relief  Organization), we  have distributed  four hundred food bags to the settlements of 9-mile, Baruni and Sabama. The food bags  include 5 kg of rice, 1 litre of cooking oil, 1 kg of wheat flour, 3 noodles, 3 tin  fish, 1 kg of sugar and 50 tea bags. The recipients of the food bags were so happy. Even an old woman  said that she had to take care of two orphan kids whose parents passed away. She has never had  5kg of rice before. It was  a great help over all. The  distribution took place on June 24th and 25th. Teachers of PHS along with three university  students from Australia  who work  for ARO on voluntary basis has done the distribution. On Sunday night, a group of teachers went around downtown and Boroko to give food bags to the homeless people on the street. Some people were very surprised when a stranger approached them at midnight and gave them a food bag; however, they were all very happy to receive tliat.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the CEO of ARO, Mr. Cihan Tmnen, for his tireless effort in collecting donations in Australia and organizing fundings, and the guest students who came to PNG to distribute the donation, to the PHS teachers and students for helping in packing and distributing. PHS will continue to support the needy people of the settlements in PNG.



Mr. Safak Deliismail

School Director