ARO( Australian Relief Organization) from Sydney in coordination and participation of Paradise High School (Papua New Guinea) once again visits to settlements in Port Moresby with the aim of sharing some food items such as rice, tin fish, noodles, sugar, tea, wheat flour and cooking oil to the needy of the said  community.

Headed by the two representatives of the Organization Australian citizens Dr. Naing Win and Mr. Recep Aydogan, the team visited Kerema group of people in 9-mile of Port Moresby distributing   150 bags of food pack that can benefit at least 800 to 1000 people in the said community at 11am, June 17,2017.

On the same day at 3 pm the team visited another community seated at the southern part of Port Moresby, Sabama zone 4, distributing 100 food packs that can benefit at least 600-700 needy people in the community. They next day June 18, 2017 the Team distribute 50 packs in Hohola Mosque.

The recipients are all grateful about this act of charity done by the Team. Moreover community leaders like Anthony of Kerema And Magdalene of Sabama expresses their sincere thanks and saying “this service done in their community is a big help may not be for a long term but in little way they are relief of the day to day challenges they are facing” The team with high Spirit believing that the said community service is so vital in living and promoting peace and good relationship to the community.