General Knowledge Competition

On the 8th week of the fourth term, the Social Science Department conducted the general knowledge competition headed by the quiz coordinator Mrs. Logea Derrick, which went on the whole week. The competition was set up to allow students to revise and evaluate what they have learnt in the different subjects in an exciting manner. It also kept the students mind keen and sharp since it’s almost towards the end of the school academic year. It was a good avenue for students to do a thorough revision of what they have truly grasped from their lessons and find out how well they remember. In that sense students remained diligent towards their studies. The whole school participated on the said activity. The activity took place as scheduled; Monday-Grade 6, Tuesday- Grade 7, Wednesday-Grade 9A, Thursday Grade-9B and both Grade 11classes on Friday.
Each class was grouped accordingly and was given two periods (80 minutes) to answer 1-25 questions which was time bounded. Students were given only 40 seconds to think, discuss and answer each question. Each group was given 3 ‘bonus’ point slips which enables them to make the answer worth double the points. Each class was allowed to have two winning teams. The first prize was a trip to the cinema for the group and the second prize was a K5.00 voucher that could be redeemed at the school canteen.
The winning teams were;
Grade 6
1st – Courtney Baleo, Travis Ellison, Iruruba Gabi
2nd – Cyrus Birisi, Ivy Kapipi, Saffron Waranaka
Grade 7
1st – Jacob Benga, Reionna Gabi, Maxine Rai
2nd – Keziah Bartolome, Winton Kugam, Adam Wambi
Grade 9A
1ST – Conway Wong, Lynolyn Mong, Mouna Kwarara
2nd – Sition Lapansaru, Avae Tamarua, Nakiisha Kakas
Grade 9B
1st – Abigail Mube, Albert Moses, Jessica Penning
2nd – Jerrald Kogia, Shantel Rogers, Delma Iatanaki
Grade 11
1st – Joel Rawuth, Max, Mark, Zannah
2nd – Peter P., Kaia, Roderick, Kristobella
The general knowledge quiz was indeed a fun and thrilling activity. It allowed us to work together as a team and revise what we have learnt. It also trained our minds to think quickly for the right answer. Even though our performance this year didn’t meet what was expected of us, we still managed to score well. Most of us were neck to neck with each other scores. It was indeed an exciting activity, a good way to keep us competitive even as we move towards the end of the school year.