here are two types of training taking place at school:
1. Formal programs as called Induction Program: Induction Program takes place prior to commencing of the new academic year. It takes two weeks and covers various titles on education and the school.
2. Unofficial programs called “training on job”: We have initiated several creative and educational programs at school which will train the teachers through the involvement such as
Annual Projects: Annual projects require research in depth of the topic. It is a long term process in which teachers supervise the students.
Smart Boards: Smart Boards are the latest technology in education. It makes learning fun and interactive. Teachers prepare power-points or do experiments on board.
Extra-curricular activities: The school organizes plenty of inter- and intra-school activities such as Speech Contest, Mathletics Competition, Spelling Bee, Statistics Contest, Music Contest, Essay Competitions, Pixel Puzzle Design Contest and etc… Through these educational activities, teachers learn how to organize and manage meaningful activities.
Targets to reach: All teaching staff set personal and academic goals in the beginning of the year. These goals have been checked by the admin officers to make sure everyone strives to accomplish the goals.
International competitions: Groups of students participate in international competitions in Maths, Science and Language fields every year. Teachers prepare the students for these challenging events. Throughout this process, teachers broaden their knowledge.
Besides, staff performance is being monitored in or out of the classroom by the admin on regular basis and feedback is given to the staff. Observation is an important part of the professional development program. Books related to education are given to the staff to read.
Paradise High School is committed to improving its staff quality.
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