Maths Week was an eventful week held with games and competitions.  These activities had greatly helped the students of Paradise High School probe their Mathematical ability  and critical thinking skills.  Many of the students participated and tried their best in the different activities; however,in the most enjoyable way.
The set of competitions were the following:  PI Competition, Number Drawing Competition, Numeracy Wizard, Paper Plane Throwing Competition, Jenga Competition, Bingo Competition, Domino Competition and Reverse Competition.
1. PI Competition: supervised by Mr. Ismail Kilicaslan
An open event, the Pi Competition involved students memorizing digits and reciting them with no mistakes. Nathaniel Eko from grade 10A won the third prize reciting 200 digits correctly. Sition Lapansaru also from grade 10A won the second prize reciting 260 digits correctly, and Angela Kewe from 11S won the first prize for reciting 400 digits correctly.
2. Number Drawing Competition: supervised by Mr. Arnel Bartolome
Drawing with Numbers Competition focused on the student’s artistic and creative skills of implementing numbers into drawings with colour. The competition was held during the Art classes of the primary grades (6,7and8). The winners of this competition included Joseph Ove and Kondoa Koriyomba both from grade seven who won the third prize, Abbeygayle Magung won the second prize, and Keziah Bartolome from grade eight won the first prize.

3. Numeracy Wizard: supervised by Mr. Safak Deliismail
The aim of this competition is to use some of the four connectors (+, -, x, ÷) to come up with a value to equal or at least 10 plus or minus away from the given value using five numbers written on the board. Time allowed was only three minutes. It was exciting to see how the students displayed their the numeracy skills.
Gaudi Kaib, Stacy Garia and Pauline Kangu from 12H got the first prize.
4.  Paper Plane Throwing Competition: supervised by Mr. Ibrahim Bayram
The purpose of this game was to create a paper plane using a special technique to display some aeronautics skill.
The paper plane throwing competition was an open competition this year. Many students joined in the contest but finally  three students displayed their best skills to build a plane that flew the longest distance and were porclaimed winners.  They were the following:  Valisha Pala from 11H  won the third prize, Max Kolo from 12H the second prize and Junior Wai from 12S won the first prize.
5. Jenga Competition: supervised by Mr Begench Purliyev
The Jenga Tournament  was held in both primary and secondary which ran throughout the week in a knock-out competition.
The winners for the primary were the following:
1. Frank Garia (grade7) – 3rd place
2.  Corina Kome(grade 8)-2nd place
3.  Esley Ageda( grade 8)- 1st place

The winners for the secondary were the following:
1. Joshua Baim(12S)- 3rd  place
2. Cassandra Konga(10B)- 2nd place
3. Mouna Kwarara(10A)- 1st Place

6. Bingo Competition: supervised by Ms. Emily Bargel
This tournament ran throughout the week in a knock-out competition which was participated by both primary and secondary level.

The winners for Primary were the following:
1. Rhoda Nanadai (grade 8)- 3rd place
2. Daniella Muturam(grade 8)- 2nd place
3. Boris Ageda (grade 7)- 1st place

The winners for Secondary were the following:
1. Bao Tomadek (grade 9B)-3rd place
2. Anthony Chan (grade 12S)-2nd Place
3. Charity Rawuth (grade 9A)- 1st place

7.Domino Competition: supervised by Mr.  Ismail Kilicaslan
This tournament ran throughout the week in a knock-out competition in secondary level.
Nadine Kila from 11S came the third, John Boslogo from 11H won the second prize and Mouna Kwarara from 10A won the first prize.

8. Reverse Competition: supervised by Mr. Safak Deliismail
This tournament ran throughout the week in a knock-out competition which was participated by the secondary level.  Yangohilly Mengeap from grade 9B won the third prize, Mea lobo Apiak from grade 12S got the second and Ida Kila from 12S won the first prize.

The week long competition had finally came to an end.  The winners were awarded during the asssembly time.  Many of the students commented that this year Maths Week was awesome.  It was filled with fun and challenging activities.  However, they would love to expect more extra-challenging activities to come.

 By Keziah Bartolome (Grade 8)