Media Freedom Week Music Competititon

Prior to the actual performance at the Sir John Guise Stadium on May 1, 2010, the participating students from PNG Paradise had a whole week of rehearsal. Since they (the students) were first‐timers in the competition, they were all looking forward to it. There was no turning back for them. NO WAY! Friday was the last day of rehearsals and the music room was crowded. Within 30 minutes the music teacher had to practice and go through with the six (6) groups. Four groups had to stay back after 3:30 to continue with their rehearsals. “We can do it, and we will do it” was the war‐cry from the ‘Double As’ (Angeline Low & Albertine Taligatus). On the day of the actual performance, the ‘Double As’ did it. They were ahead of the PARADIZERS, followed by Rebecca Tobena who did a solo, unaccompanied performance. The rest fell in line – MIX, Country Boys and the Junior KB Stones.

Though the students were first timers in the arena, they displayed a very professional show among other schools. They had the courage to go up on stage and perform confidently and express themselves through their songs and their music. Classmates, parents, friends and even the staff of PNG Paradise High School were out there to support our very own talented students.