The National Book Week

Art involves the making of visual images and objects. Styles, materials and techniques are chosen. Painting and drawing are just some of the many forms of art available.

The purpose of the competition was to develop and equip students with skills in drawing. The AIMS in the art program is to:

» Express ideas through artwork

» Explore, expose and unlock individuals abilities and talents

» Appreciate the Arts of Papua New Guinea and other countries

» Explore career paths for making a living from art

» Show critical and aesthetic appreciation through the ability to perceive, understand and express concepts and feelings.

Drawing and Bookmark Competitions

The celebration for the National Book Week was organized by the Personal Development (PD) Department in conjunction with the Library. There were two competitions in two different categories;

1. Seniors ( Grades 9 -12 ) – DRAWING COMPETITION

2. Juniors ( Grades 6 – 8 ) – BOOK MARK COMPETITION

The seniors were reluctant in drawing. Only a small number of students showed interest. Their drawings were related to this year’s theme – “Count On Books. . . Read!” All drawings were colorful and only the best three drawings were selected.

1. Painam Amaiu                                 Gr. 12 S

2. Rebecca Tobena                             Gr. 10 B

3. Cathy Puro                                       Gr. 9

There were over a hundred entries from the juniors. The bookmarks were very creative and colorful. Some were filled with traditional and contemporary designs. Others were just drawings and phrases also related to the theme. It was pretty hard to select from the so many beautiful and creative art work from this category. Unfortunately only three best bookmarks were chosen.

1. Quinnan Tay                     Gr. 8

2. Alfred Warren                   Gr. 7

3. Daniel Elisa                      Gr. 7

The best three students from each category were presented with art materials at the end of the week by the administration and the PD department.  The PD department is made up by PD, PE and Arts strands.