Optometrists Visit People In Need

Paradise High School has invited two optometrists from Australia, Mr. Mesut Kivrak and Mr. Hayssam Khalaf, to visit rural areas to conduct an eye-check. The optometrists visited the communities along the Central Province coastline in the Kairuku Hiri District, National Capital District, Rigo District and Abau District on Saturday, August 30th. They checked 124 patients and provided them eye-glasses if they were required to wear one. The second day of their stay, the optometrists visited the settlement in 5-mile and went through an eye-check of 100 patients and also provided them glasses. And the following day, they also visited Paradise High School (PHS) and conducted an eye-check of around thirty students. They departed PNG at 2:00 pm on Monday, September 1st. The villagers and the people in the settlement mentioned that the optometrists were the first specialist to visit their place and expressed their gratitude to them and the school. There were lots of stories with the patients that one of the patients quitted his hob as a driver because of his poor eye-sight. After being checked, he was provided by glasses which made him see the distance clearly. He was very happy. Another patient came with an infected eye. The optometrists provided him two bottles of eye-drop to use and they mentioned that if he did not show his eye to an optometrist on time, there was a greater chance for him to lose his eye-sight in two-three days. The optometrists also identified the patients with cataract and wrote a referral letter for them to be operated in POM General Hospital.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the optometrists who voluntarily conducted eye-check for three days, Ms. Minnie Vagi who works as project coordinator of Central Coastline Fishing Co-operative Association Limited and assisted us to organize the villagers and the venue in Central Province, and the teachers of Paradise High School who accompanied the doctors throughout their stay in PNG. PHS will continue to serve for the needs of the people of PNG.
By Safak DELIISMAIL (Director of PNG Paradise Limited)