On Thursday the 23rd of March, Paradise High School’s annual Parents and Teachers Conference (PTC) was held at the school ground. The meetings began at 8:00 a.m. and ended around 4:30 p.m.  The meeting was intended to inform the parents about their child/children academic performance and discipline behavior over the past few weeks.


Some of the parents who attended the meeting were interviewed and asked a few questions on what they thought about the PTC.  All of the parents gave a positive remark on the school’s initiative for conducting these meetings. They commented that the meetings were a huge help to them and had given them a clearer insight on their child’s social and academic performance in school. There were a couple of parents who suggested that the school should make a few changes on the setup of the meetings. One said that during the meetings, their child should be in class with his/her parent to listen what their teacher had to say about their performance in school.  While the other said that the timing of the meetings were a little inconvenient for them since they had to work and that the school should consider this factor and try setting up the meetings during the weekend so the working parents can attend.


During the meeting, parents were showed how to use the Student Information System (SIS) by Mr. Hamza so they would know how to access information of their child/children academic progress in school anytime. Overall, the meeting went well with a less number of parents who failed to come.