On Tuesday the 22nd of March of week 8, there was a student free day in order to hold the Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) in school. The main purpose of this meeting is basically for the teachers to give the parents a “heads-up” or “update” on their child’s academic performance as well as behaviour for the past few weeks.

Overall, there was a good response from our parents with an exceptional amount of parents who were present on that day. When they were asked about their views on the meeting, almost all parents stated that the meeting is very well- organised in terms of timing and it’s very informative. All parents said that they look forward to attending the conference because it helps them know exactly what their child is doing in school and identify their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Some suggestions given by parents is if they could be notified about the meeting some weeks in advance also, some parents said the meeting time is too short and asked if  it could be extended from 15 minutes to about 20 minutes. And if parents would like to meet with subject teachers, they are advised by the school to make an appointment at their own time.

Maxine RAI (Grade 9B)