Grade 12 Humanities and Science students had a break from their studies and travelled to Crystal Rapids to have fun on Saturday, May 24. We met at 9:30 at school and moved to Sogeri. We stopped on the way and took some photos together. As soon as we reached Crystal Rapids, the students took off their shoed and rushed to the river. They walked through and took some photos in water. Later, we had our lunch, as usual from KMC, and started playing fun games together. And finally, we left Sogeri at 2:00 pm. The jokes and fun continued to take place during the return journey.

Grade 12 Humanities and Science classes were rewarded “Paradise Movie Theatre” regarding their high performance on test and assignment across all the subjects. We watched “X – Men” together at Paradise Movie Theatre on Sunday, June 1st.


Vagi Ila: Picnic was great! I really enjoyed the trip to Sogeri. The movie was awesome. It was my first time going to watch a movie together with my friends. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Pauline Magaya: It was an enjoyable day. It was fun with the games played (picnic). The movie was fun because I watched it with my friends.

Mary Maima: I was awesome. I enjoyed a lot. It was my first time to go to the movie theatre.

Quinnan Tay: The picnic was great!

Dolores Nandape: The movie was fantastic! I enjoyed a lot watching it with my friends.

Peter Gutai: It was my first time to Crystal Rapids. It was fun an exciting because we played many games and crossed the river on foot. What an experience!

Kilanama Walo: The picnic was the best and it was my first time at Crystal Rapids.

Fiona Garia: Our trip to Sogeri was one of the best experiences I have had so far with my friends and teachers. It was a nice outing.

Megghan Jimbudo: I really enjoyed the trip up to Crystal Rapids. We had picnic and took many pictures, played fun games but disappointed when our class patron did not allow us to swim. And I enjoyed watching “X-men” on 3-D!


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