Poetry Recital Competition

The Poetry Recital Competition this year began as class competitions in week 8 of term 1. The English teachers selected two contestants from each class for the school competition in week 10
The panel of judges was made up of Ms Josephine Sager and Ms Arlene Abital both English Lecturers from Don Bosco Technical Institute and Ms Marie-Rose Sau who joined the judges as a representative of Port Moresby Theatre Arts.
A standard oral presentation criterion was used to assess each student’s performance. However, music accompaniment, prop, persona and stage setting were additional aspects of the criteria.
A total of 22 contestants gave a two-and-half hour show on various themes and contexts.
The winner of this year’s show id Travis Ellison, a grade 6 student with the poem “Mum, there is a monster”. Other students who were given awards include Jerrald Kogia(grade 9) and Mimigale Samoa(grade 8), and Natasha Williams(grade 12) and Nakiisha Kakas with ties for the second and third places, respectively.
We thanks all English teachers for guiding the students to give an impressive performance which will remain a memorable experience for 2014.
Tinani everyone.
Ms. Maria Gilipasi
HOD-Language Department