The Poetry Recitals is an annual event organised by the Language Department. During this event, the contestants breathe life to the work of poets through the use of physical presence, appropriate voice skills and thematic music. Their challenge is to captivate the audience with the language of the poem, to bring the audience to a better understanding of the poem through voice use and drama.


Students were given 14 poems to choose from which they memorized, practiced and presented in class after a week, following the given criteria.


This year’s poetry recital took place on the 7th of April in week 10 with two guest judges from De La Salle Secondary and Tokarara Secondary School:  Mrs. Gau and Ms. Jefferey.  There were 28 contestants who participated in the competition.  Each one had tried their best to captivate the judges and the audience attention with their excellent performances. However, after a thorough evaluation by the judges three students were chosen as winners. 


1st Place- Travis Ellison (9 Open-minded)
2nd Place- Shantel Rogers Kango (12 Inquirer)
3rd Place - Mimigale Samoa (11 Knowledgeable)