“RABAUL TRIP – First in-country trip taken by Paradise High School”

They say ‘opportunity knocks at every man’s door only once’ and when the Rabaul Trip was knocking at the doors of enthusiastic teachers and students, they made sure that knock was not going to be left unanswered. The Rabaul Trip took place during the second week of school holidays and the preparations leading up to it was worth the trip. The trip was introduced to students from grade 11 and grade 12 to take part in.

A group of 14 Humanity students and 4 teachers took a trip to Rabaul on the 2nd of July. The purpose of the trip was to visit historical and geographical sites there. Rabaul contains a lot of such sites and the trip was very educational because the students actually saw for themselves what is otherwise taught in textbooks.

The group arrived in Rabaul on the 2nd of July and spent four days of site visits and returned to Port Moresby on the 6th of July, 2017. Some places visited included the Bitapaka War Cemetery, the Queen Emma Steps, Japanese Barge Tunnel, Japanese Underground Hospital, Rabaul Hot Springs and Tavurvur, Blue Lagoon, Submarine Base, Rabaul War Musuem,

The background of the educational topic of the field trip was to focus on different aspects of historical and geographical events that happened in Rabaul that the students could observe and experience the things that they learned in class in person. The group had the privilege of visiting popular tourist attractions and other places that were never ventured to before by other school trips to Rabaul. The trips to different places such as the Japanese Underground Tunnels and the Blue Lagoon were one of the many popular attractions that were visited but not as exciting as getting up close and personal with the Volcano at Matupit and stumbling across the birthplace of Sir Grand Chief Michael Somare just located at the brink of the sea surrounding the volcano.

Rabaul Volcano Observatory and the educational institutions of East New Britain Province. The 4th day ended with lunch at Rapopo Plantation Resort.
It was an enjoyable and memorable trip for both students and teachers.

The people and places were just as friendly and stunning than the last and the teachers along with their students could not help but whip out their cameras and phones for every opportunity to take a photo. The hospitality at Vunapope Mission was amazing and new friendships were created as the group strived to work together everywhere they went. The trip would not be made possible without the enduring hard work from the teachers, parents, students and everyone else before and during the trip.
Thank you for amazing trip!

Neevah Eberl 12 Inquirers