Singing Contest – 2010

Singing is a way of expressing one’s feelings towards something or somebody. The students of
PNG Paradise High School brushed aside this thought and used the competition as a contest for displaying their singing skills.
The purpose of the competition was to develop and equip students with skills in music. The AIMS in the music program is to:
• Enable students to read, write and perform a variety of musical styles
• Encourage development of the through singing
• Enable students to develop entrepreneurial skills and attitudes that encourage self-employment
• Promote artistic expression through a variety of musical instruments and available resources
• Create an environment where the students’ love for music is stimulated.
On the day of the competition the ten finalists were all geared up for the battle. All contestants rehearsed the selected songs on the own time and pace. There was a famous live band from town that really stirred-up the contestants before going onto the stage. The remaining crowd stamped their feet as the band played the first number. Each contestant left the stage after performing their song with a different level of courage, skill and enthusiasm. They were true entertainers. They were very courageous and brave enough to overcome the stage-fright. Their fellow students and teachers cheered for them.  The voice they projected out from their young, energetic bodies covered the whole atmosphere. Only one voice could be heard by the judges in the end to be the 2010 PNG Paradise Singing

There were judges from all walks of life – an army personal, a former member for parliament and a music studio owner who really helped in judging the contestants. The Chin H Meen video production crew was here to capture every moment of the competition. Parents and guests were also present to witness the first-ever Superstar Singing Contest held.

The competition began and ended very smoothly. All the students enjoyed and behaved themselves.
The 2010 PNG Paradise high School Superstar Singing contest was a success.
           1. Emmanuel Samoa              Gr. 11 H
           2. Painam Amaiu                   Gr.12  S
           3. Alberta Taligatus               Gr. 10 B