In order to raise awareness of social responsibilities and remembering our culture we, as Paradise High School, organize veriety of activities with the help of students together.

Promoting Our Cultural Identity
The Grade 6 students studied our culture lifestyle and values in Personal Development subject.  The Grade 6 students were asked to bring two items from their local area and talk about its importance in their culture.  Almost the whole class participated in the class exhibition of traditional items.
The Grade 8’s worked in their provincial groups and selected two items for a presentation.  No one wanted to miss out and they all did their best.  The highlight was the Sepik group with their traditional dish “nangu”.  They served it with chicken and tulip soup to their classmates.

Cervical Cancer Vaccination
A team from NCD Health Department visited our school on the 8th of May, 2017 and administered the vaccination to the female students in the primary school.  A total number of 36 students were vaccinated.  Girls who are vaccinated will be less likely to develop ‘cervical cancer’ when they grow older.

Walk Against Corruption
There were four registered teams for the school.  On Sunday, the 4th of June, a total of 35 students walked in their school P.E. uniform with the banner “We walk to eradicate corruption”.  Four teachers with the school principal braved the Sunday morning heat to walk and show support for the “Fight Against Corruption”.

HIV/AIDS Awareness

The Grade 10s were privileged to have a very special guest for two periods who shared with them her experiences on the topic.  Discrimination and stigmatization against PLWHIV is the worst enemy that can kill someone in a few years.

The students were emotional as she shared her testimony.  In PNG HIV/AIDS is spreading like wild fire and educating young people is a way forward to help combat this deadly disease.

“We salute you Sylvia for actively involved in this fight”.
Mrs. Anna Isau