Spelling Bee Competition

Paradise High School held its annual intra-school Spelling Bee Competition on the 21st of May 2015. The competition for primary and secondary were held at the open stage but at different times. The primary’s competition was held during the 4th and 5th period where as the secondary’s competition was held during the 7th and 8th period.
The students went through class elimination stage at first. All the students were given around 1500 words to learn. Top two performers were selected to take part in the final round. The finals consisted of three (3) rounds; first and second rounds are oral and last round is verbal. The spellers were given 30 seconds to spell the word either correctly and have a safe spot or incorrectly and be eliminated. The speaker spelled the word three times and gave the meaning of the word and used in a sentence if necessary. There were 12 contestants from the primary grades (6, 7, 8) four from each grade. There were 16 competitors for the secondary grades (9A, 9B, 10A, 10B, 11S, 11H, 12S, 12H) two from each grade. The spellers were;

6 Stacey Rawuth Joshua Victor
Stanley Rogers
Sofia Kalikali
7 Frank GariA Courtney Baleo
Abigail Magung Kayleigh Strach
8 Rhoda Nanadai Keziah Bartolome Daniella Muturam Corina Kome
9A Hellen Tapua Anne Lahui

9B Letitia Gareitz
Chamberlaine Manzanaik

10A Neevah EberL Delphine Sundie

10B Abigail Mube
Jerrald Kogia
11H Pauline John Katherine Kakaraya

11S John Boslogo
Valisha Pala

12H Pauline Kangu
Gaudi Kaib

12S Joel Rawuth
Mea Lobo Apiak

There were three winners for each level. They were awarded with medals for each placing while the other spellers received certificates of participation to acknowledge their best effort in preparation for the Spelling Bee.
Primary Division Winners;
1st (Gold Medal) ----- Keziah Bartolome (Grade 8)
2nd (Silver Medal) ------- Abigail Magung (Grade 7)
3rd (Bronze Medal) -------- Daniella Muturam (Grade 8)
Secondary Division Winners;
1st (Gold Medal) ---- Pauline John (Grade 11S)
2nd (Silver Medal) ----- Katherine Kakaraya (Grade 11S)
3rd (Bronze Medal) ------ Mea Lobo Apiak (Grade 12 S)
By Conway Wong (Grade 9A)