Statistics Competition

The statistics competition was run by the Social Science Department of  Paradise High School which aimed to develop and better the research and investigation skills of students from various grades.  The competition began on the 4th week of term 4 2010 (Wednesday, 20th October 2010) and presentation of data and findings was done by students on Friday, 19th of November 2010.
The following topics were put out for students to choose from to do their research.
1.  Migration into Port Moresby and their reasons
2.  Type of Language spoken at home
3.  Homework; factors leading to incompletion of homework
4.  Internet usage; internet usage in Port Moresby is mostly amongst the working class and students.
5.  Types of food preferred by people today
6.  Popular T.V stations; THE MOST WATCHED
7.  How much time is spent on reading BY VARIOUS PEOPLE?
8.  The most watched programs and who watches them and why?
9.  The effect of using hand phones in our lives is enormous.
There were seven groups that participated that consisted of members from grade 6 class, grade 7 class and 11 Humanities class.  The following groups came from these respective classes;
Grade 6:    Group 1 members:  John Aipe, Jeremy Igua, Isaac Anthony and Reuben Mairi
                   Group 2 members:  Sean Bundu, Ruth Lavett, Pi Sita Damena and John Boslogo
                   Group 3 members:  Boni Ofa-Mahuru, Winnie Valahu, Jeanelle Mailau, Kingsford Pelego and Wesley Lauch
Grade 7:     Group 4 members:  Anthony Chan, Livingston Tay and Alfred Warren Jn.
                   Group 5 members:  Pia Damena, Joel Rawort and Natasha Tato
                   Group 6 members:  Solomon Lavett, Joel Komun and Peter Pehara
Grade 11:  Group 7 members:  Phyllicia Gadjusek, Viri-Heather Watoka, Brena Diro and Fallon Tauloi      

Members of the seven groups learnt the basics of carrying out research, starting with each group having to design their own questionnaires and interview question.  They gained confidence in interviewing people of various gender and age in and background.  Interviewed participant included members of PNG Paradise High School and also outsiders.
On the day of presentation students also demonstrated their I.T skills by presenting their datas and findings on Power Point Presentation.  Despite the students honesty in confessing their nervousness to their teacher they boldly and confidently presented their findings in front of fellow students, subject teachers, and friends and of course parents and guardians.
Although this was a competition run by the Social Science Department the overall aim was to teach students basic research skill which  also required utilizing their skills and knowledge learnt in other subjects such as I.T, Mathematics and English.  Students’ findings were presented in a booklet and checked and marked by the Social Science teacher.  The presentations were judged by teachers of other departments in which the scores were tallied and added with the booklet score to pick the competition winners.
Everyone who participated in the statistics competition did an exceptionally great job however only three groups had to be chosen for 3rd, 2nd and 1st place according to their total scores.
From the Social Science Department and the Administration of PNG Paradise congratulations to the following groups that came out with the top scores;
First prize – K100 went to group four member from grade 7; Anthony Chan, Livingston Tay and Alfred Warren Jn
Second prize – K75 went to group 1 from grade 6; John Aipe, Jeremy Igua, Isaac Anthony and Reuben Mairi and 
Third prize- K50 went to group 6 from grade 7; Solomon Lavett, Joel Komun and Peter Pehara

Congratulations to all the groups that took part in the competition and also to the Social Science Department teachers for running this successful competition.
We plan for a bigger and better 2011.