Statistics Competition

Statistics Contest was organized by the Social Science Department. The overall aim was to teach students to investigate issues, collect data and      present their findings.There were 9 topics given and students can provide their own topic of interest too. There were 16 groups that took part, Grade 6—2 groups, Grade 7—1 group, Grade 9-9 groups and Grade 10-3 groups.They were judged    on their compilation of a booklet and powerpoint presentations.
On the day of presentation students demonstrated their I.T skills by presenting their data and findings using Power Point Presentation.  Despite their nervousness,  they boldly and   confidently presented their findings in front of fellow students, subject teachers, friends and judges. Although this was a competition run by the Social Science Department the overall aim was to teach students basic research skill which also requires utilizing their skills and knowledge learnt in other subjects such as I.T, Mathematics and English etc.  Students’ findings were presented in a booklet. The power point presentations were judged by  selected teacher judgers. The winners were given prize money and pizza for lunch.First prize –  Grade 7-Jerrald Kogia, Nakiisha Kakas and Joseph Amanu
Second prize – Grade 9B— Alfred Warren, Anthony Chan and Joel Rawort
Third prize-  Grade 6— Frederick Ageda, Michael Tibam ,Neil Robert Pup and Grade 10—Felicity Tomausi, Joyce Pehara and Kilanama Walo.