Story Telling Competition

On the 26th of August 2014, PHS held the annual story telling competition within the primary school.
Each grade 6, 7 and 8 were divided into two groups for presentation of a story for the competition. The primary aim of this activity is to promote cooperative learning wherein students work in collaboration to put their ideas in writing a story with a good moral lesson. Along with it is to enhance their skills in acting and improve their confidence to play the specific function expected from them.
The event took a six-week preparation. From brainstorming of ideas and putting them together; distribution of roles and characterization; memorizing lines and the sequence of events; acting; props and costume preparations and practices. All this was done during their Art classes.
Six presentations took part that day. The grade six presented a story entitled unfortunate and coconut tree, it was a fantastic presentation with a morale lesson about children’s rights to live a happy and a well provided life. The grade seven played a story about consequences of disobedience and how to treat people right. It served the audience very well, everyone was reminded about the good effect of obeying. Finally, the grade eight presented about the how fortunate a poor family is and the consequences of one’s action. Their presentation taught us awareness of what is good and what is bad. It reminded us about what matters most and to be appreciative of the things we have at present and not to take them for granted.
All presenters have given their best. The competition was neck to neck however a decision from the judges was made. Finally, the winners were proclaimed as follows:
·        Grade 6-group 2 ---------1st place
·        Grade 7-group 2 --------- 2nd place
·        Grade 8-group 2 --------- 3rd place
The winning group received a trophy and an ice cream treat at Vision City.
Conway Wong 9A