Student Information System

Paradise High School has once again brought a great advancement into the school. From the introduction of the Active board, a new system had been created and set up on the school’s website.

The “Student Information System” or “S.I.S” was created for the purpose of a better communication between the teachers, parents and students. On the 28th of June, the staff held an introductory session for the parents of all grades to attend since the system was new.

The S.I.S is a secured system with each student and parent having own password and username.  It provides access to important information about the student’s performance and achievements at school. It allows both parents and students to look through from the latest homework to school events and announcements.  Furthermore, it allows sending and receiving messages.

There are many different sections to view from the S.I.S and each one contains different sets of information.  Now it’s easier for parents to see their child’s latest homework/assignments, disciplinary offense/points, homework statistics etc.

It is still in its early stages but it will surely be beneficial as most parents said.  This tool is still yet to be utilized to its full potential; however, once the parents will start utilizing it the way it was made to work, then the hassle of teachers checking out on parents’ signature on the diaries will already be gone.

By Emmanuel RAI (Grade 9B)




The feedback from parents about the Student Information System was excellent. The parents and guardians felt lucky that they have the opportunity to use the system before any other school in PNG. This system will be easier for parents and guardians to follow up on students school work by directly logging into their account and checking on their each child’s outstanding homework, assignment and to check with the teachers about the children's behaviour and overall performance.


With this system in place it will be easier for parents and guardians who travel overseas or out of town to different places to check on their child’s homework and performances. Parents and guardians say that they will be using the system a lot more rather than asking from their children about their homework or assignments. Many parents feel privileged to be able to use this system.


Here are some thought from some parents and guardians about the SIS System;


"Superb! I am so grateful that this is happening to me, since I travel a lot and I disturb the teachers to check on my children. I hope the school can keep the system up to date. This system will sweep across the nation. It is an achievement!" - Ms. Helen Koka


"The system is very good. The system will give us any information we want rather than us asking the children. We will be using the system; we also hope the school keeps it up to date." - Mr&Mrs Pohu


"It is very convenient and informative and makes it easy to keep track of the students’ performance. It saves time and it is quick. Communication is done there and then." - Ms. Nellie Kwarara


By Conway WONG (Grade 9A)