Summer School is a new concept in PNG.60% of the questions in Grade 12 National Exam comes from the Grade 11 syllabus. Therefore, it has a great importance to have a strong foundation in Grade 11 in order to obtain better results in the National Exam. During the Summer School, we have covered the syllabus of General Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Language & Literature, History, Economics, Geography, Chemistry and Biology in 6 weeks from December 14th, 2015 to January 22nd, 2016.
Subject teachers have provided a summary of the concepts and good number of worksheets to be used in the classroom and at home. The students have shown enthusiasm to learn even though their peers were having holiday. The school has also provided snooker table and give students opportunity to play FIFA 2015 computer game after classes. The study during Summer School was quite intensive. The subject teachers have focused on the key points and solved plenty of examples in the class. Here are some comments:
“From this summer classes, I have gained the much needed knowledge in Economics that I had not fully understood during the whole year. I am very thankful for such classes.”
“Biology has become interesting and fun like never before. Without doubt, lessons taken during summer class has advanced my understanding and knowledge in Biology.”
“Summer School made me understand more about the topics that I have struggled with and made my mind clear about what we have learnt in History.”
“I found Language & Literature classes well-planned and very informative.”
“Chemistry lessons has no doubt been beneficial. Chemistry has never been so interesting and fun to indulge with till a committed and well-experienced teacher came along!”
“During the Geography classes, I have learnt a lot. I am thankful because we covered some topics that was not covered last year due to some reasons. Attending Summer School was a right choice.”
“The idea of Summer School is great, had a great time especially in class. The explanation from the teacher was simple and easy to understand plus he had a great way of making Maths class interesting and super fun for learning. Overall, it has helped me gain confidence in Advanced Mathematics.”
“Summer School is the best coaching school ever. I learnt new methods of solving equations in General Mathematics which I never learnt before. I used to hate Mathematics but now it is my favorite subject.”