Turkish Language Olympiad

What is Turkish Language Olympiad?
Turkish Language Olympiad is the largest language contest in the world. There are 750 participants from 120 countries taking part in various categories. We are participating in three categories; Singing, Reciting Poem, and Special Talent Categories. Students perform their skills in Turkish Language. The Olympiad takes place in Turkey. PNG Paradise High School participated in the 8thTurkish Language Olympiad with three students; Melean P. from grade 6, Rebecca T. from grade 10 and Bada from grade 12. Students flew to Singapore and stayed there for three days and then took another flight to Turkey, Istanbul. The trio travelled to different parts of the country, met new people and experienced how it feels like to be abroad. Moreover, the 120 countries displayed their cultural items during the two-day Cultural Exhibition, of course, not forgetting our trio representing PNG. In other words, PNG’s unique and colorful culture has been exhibited by thousands of people in Turkey. And the results turned out to be very good for us as Rebecca has got bronze medal in Reciting Poem while Melean got the 4th place amongst 30 other countries in singing category. After the students arrived in PNG and while everything was still fresh, we had interviewed them. Have a look of what the students about their trip.
Which cites did you like the most and why?
All of them! But the one I liked the most would be Gaziantep. We received a welcoming from them(the whole city) 2am in the morning and they escorted us all the way to the hotel. And to make it sweeter, they had us doing FREE shopping around 3am in a really big mall and that was where I received my first rose.
What is it that impressed you the most while in Turkey?
The people and the manners they have very respectful and humble. The people!
If you would like to go to Turkey for what purpose would you do so?
There’s something about Turkey that makes me want to return so I’d like to enter a university and study there, o maybe live there…
Did you learn any good manner from Turkish people?
Yes, and that is respect, being humble and always give the best of what you have. Turkish people are so amazing! One thing I learnt from them was the way you respect and present yourself to your elders or big people.
Shortly tell us about your trip to Turkey, including your feeling and observations?
My trip to Turkey was a once in a life time experience thanks to the Principle and the School. Turkey is a beautiful and historical country which I encourage you to visit. I love it. The people are unbelievable, meaning very open, friendly, humble and caring especially towards people with dark complexion. Once again a big big million thanks to Mr. Safak and the School.