Turkish Language Week

Our school recently held Turkish Language Week celebration for the school year 2014.  It was a week-long event filled with variety of activities such as spelling bee, song performances, tongue twisters, knowledge competition and puzzle galore.

The main objective of the Turkish week is to enhance students’ ability and skills of the Turkish Language conventions.  The series of activities was open to the whole students’ populace.

Meanwhile, a semi miniature gallery of pictures and other things that relates to Turkish Culture and Arts were put on display throughout the week.  This was to showcase a brief understanding of the Turkish culture.   Not to forget the delectable dish that the Turkish teachers had prepared themselves to let us savor the taste of some Turkish cuisine.

Learning a foreign language such as the Turkish language is a great opportunity for us students of Paradise High School. It gave us the chance to partake knowledge about it which enabled us to participate on the different activities.   Those who are skilful and have already acquired the basic knowledge of the language will surely be the ones to bag more prizes.

The winners were the following;

Ø  Turkish tongue twister

               Daniella Moturam-Gr.7

              Chamberlane Manzanaik-Gr.8          


Ø  Spelling Bee

               Keziah Bartolome-Gr.7

               Boriz Ageda-Gr.6


Ø  Song Performance

               Keziah Bartolome-Gr.7


Ø  General Knowledge competition

               Selected Grade 6 students


The puzzle contest took place every day and students who took part in it had surely enjoyed the instant prize they got. 


The winners were awarded during the assembly time on Friday afternoon.  Everyone felt lucky as they got the chance to have this kind of activities.  The whole school is thankful to the Turkish Teachers who worked hard to make the event a success! Great Job!



By Neevah Laurena EBERL (Grade 9A)


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