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Table Tennis Competition

“Table Tennis” watch the champion of the champions in Paradise High School! The school organized a competition among students last 9th week of the first Term, from Grade-6 to  Grade12, Watson Koi, grade 7 student ended as the 3rd placer, while Alfred Warren a grade-11 student bagged 2nd placer, and a grade 8 student Neil Pup bring home the bacon!

Math Week 2014

The aim of the Math Week is to show students a different perspective about Math and lat students realize that Math is everywhere or related to everything. Activities were carried out during the week were

Class Picnics


Class picnics are one of the most exciting events for the students which are generally organized every semester. With the help of picnics, the students are relaxed and they have improved by having  better friendship with their peers and teachers in a natural environment.

Turkish Language Olympiad 2010

What is Turkish Language Olympiad?

Mathletics Puzzle Contest 2010

PNG Paradise High School, we have organized “Mathletics Puzzle Contest” among the students from both system and the private institutions. It will be an annual puzzle contest which consists of different kinds of puzzles of different levels; Primary (G7&8), Lower Secondary (G9&10), and Higher Secondary (G11&12).

Singing Contest – 2010

Singing is a way of expressing one’s feelings towards something or somebody. The students of

PNG Paradise High School brushed aside this thought and used the competition as a contest for displaying their singing skills.

The purpose of the competition was to develop and equip students with skills in music. The AIMS in the music program is to:

Speech Contest – 2010

An effective communication is very important at all the stages in our life such as between parents and children, teachers and students, school and parents, politicians and public, manager and staff. A break-up in communication will absolutely cause arguments and disagreements. Giving speech is an important part of the verbal communication. You may be counted wrong even though you are right in a situation unless you deliver your message in an appropriate way

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)

In order to make the students gain confidence and enrich their knowledge, we always encourage them to take part in local and international competitions in various fields. On Thursday 5 August 2010, the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) has been held for the 33rd time in the world and 1st time in our school. Eighteen of our students sat for the examination at 8:00 am at IT Lab. The competition lasted for one and an half hours.

The National Book Week

Art involves the making of visual images and objects. Styles, materials and techniques are chosen. Painting and drawing are just some of the many forms of art available.

The purpose of the competition was to develop and equip students with skills in drawing. The AIMS in the art program is to:

Bookworms are Rewarded

“There is always a room for perfection” And in order to be perfect, reading is essential. The PD Department has organized several activities to celebrate the National Book Week. Drawing and design competition were organized in various categories. In addition, the school also rewarded the bookworms in each grade. The best two from Primary and Secondary school were rewarded with an MP 4 player.


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