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Student Information System

Paradise High School has once again brought a great advancement into the school. From the introduction of the Active board, a new system had been created and set up on the school’s website.

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is the pillar of the education. Research shows that of all period of a child’s life, the year between 3 and 6 is the most important in a child’s growth and development. That’s why early childhood education is crucial for the journey to life-long learning.

Early childhood educators therefore play a critical role as architects of each child’s future. Thus, it is vital to learn constantly, upgrading and sharing knowledge, attending workshops and seminars to develop professionally.

Picnic in Sogeri

Grade 12 Humanities and Science students had a break from their studies and travelled to Crystal Rapids to have fun on Saturday, May 24. We met at 9:30 at school and moved to Sogeri. 

Grade 10 Outdoor Activity

On Friday the 25th of May 2014, the grade 10 students of PNG PARADISE HIGH SCHOOL went for an outdoor activity at Ela Beach with their Social Science teacher Miss Luvi. Since the class topic was on

IT Week 2014

Information Technology Week
There were two activities held during the IT week. They were:

Donation Campaign

Paradise High School wants to raise responsible citizens who care about their community and pay attention to people needs. Therefore, we have had some community service activities throughout the years. In 2013, we distributed food packs to four settlements, beef meat to several locations and invited two optometrists from Australia and checked the eyes of the villagers in the Central Province and also provided eye glasses for them.

Poetry Recital Competition

The Poetry Recital Competition this year began as class competitions in week 8 of term 1. The English teachers selected two contestants from each class for the school competition in week 10
The panel of judges was made up of Ms Josephine Sager and Ms Arlene Abital both English Lecturers from Don Bosco Technical Institute and Ms Marie-Rose Sau who joined the judges as a representative of Port Moresby Theatre Arts.

1st Parent Teacher Conference

Communication between the school and parents is extremely important. Parents need to know about happenings at school and obtain more information on their child’s progress academically and socially on regular basis. Therefore, we organized 1st Parent-Teacher Conference on Wednesday, March 19. Each parent was given only fifteen minutes. The class patron has provided detailed information on students’ scores, their progress, weaknesses and strengths on academic subjects. I would like command that 85% of the parents have attended the conference which was the highest turn out so far.

Math Week 2014

The aim of the Math Week is to show students a different perspective about Math and lat students realize that Math is everywhere or related to everything. Activities were carried out during the week were:



For Primary only from Grades 6 – 8

Students draw anything using numbers only during the art classes.


2.       MULTIPLE S HIGHWAY (Grades 6 – 8)

Table Tennis Tournament

“Table Tennis” watch the champion of the champions in Paradise High School! The school organized a competition among students last 9th week of the first Term, from Grade-6 to  Grade12, Watson Koi, grade 7 student ended as the 3rd placer, while Alfred Warren a grade-11 student bagged 2nd placer, and a grade 8 student Neil Pup bring home the bacon! 


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