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Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is an important annual activity on Paradise High School calendar. The school sees how important it is in learning new vocabulary words, and the Spelling Bee contest is an excellent way of to foster it. Through the Spelling Bee Contest we hope that this contest would reawaken students’ desire to read books so as to enhance their vocabulary and correctness in spelling.

National Examinations 2010

Our students performed well in the National Examinations 2010.
Grade 12 National Examination 2010

  • Twenty-three students
  • One Student Bachelor Degree in Divine Word University
  • One Student in Kokopo Business College
  • Four Students in POM Business College

Grade 10 National Examination 2010

Math Week

Week 7 of Term 1 was not an ordinary week for the students of our school. The students had the Maths Week of the year. There were four main activities and one presentation carried out during the week. These activities are namely, Bingo Tournament, Jenga Tournament, IQ League and Puzzle Competition. The aim of the week is to make Mathematics a subject which is liked by the students and to show that Mathematics is also an enjoyable subject.

Induction Program

here are two types of training taking place at school:
1. Formal programs as called Induction Program: Induction Program takes place prior to commencing of the new academic year. It takes two weeks and covers various titles on education and the school.
2. Unofficial programs called “training on job”: We have initiated several creative and educational programs at school which will train the teachers through the involvement such as

Closing Ceremony

Academic Year 2011
Every New Year brings excitement and joy. We need to prepare the school physically, conduct entry tests and interviews for new students, purchase necessary equipment and textbooks, recruit new teachers and loads of work. Overall, the most important program is the Induction Program. The Induction Program was held from January 17 to January 28 with the teaching staff. There were several workshops on the following topics:

The National UNESCO Literacy Competition

On the 8th September, the school was invited to participate in an essay competition organized by the National Commission for UNESCO. The theme of the essay was THE POWER OF WOMEN’S LITERACY which was the focus of the International Literacy Day. The competition was open to only grade 9 and 11 students throughout the country.

Science Fair

Science fair creates a medium where students, teachers, parents and the general public come together, work together, exchange and share ideas and have fun.

We believe that science is part of our everyday lives, we unknowingly touch the scientific concepts and make new personal discoveries on a daily basis, and however, those discoveries are already made by others. This fair allows you to rediscover what has been discovered before.

Statistics Competition

The statistics competition was run by the Social Science Department of  Paradise High School which aimed to develop and better the research and investigation skills of students from various grades.  The competition began on the 4th week of term 4 2010 (Wednesday, 20th October 2010) and presentation of data and findings was done by students on Friday, 19th of November 2010.
The following topics were put out for students to choose from to do their research.
1.  Migration into Port Moresby and their reasons
2.  Type of Language spoken at home

Open House

What is Open – House Program???
This program was introduced in the beginning of term four and teachers agreed to give it a shot and see how it goes, for it is normal to see a supervisor in the classroom to observe and write comments about the teacher’s performance rather then parents being invited to be part of the teaching and learning activities that is taking place in the classroom.
The Open – House program took place in week four from the 18th to the 22ndOctober. Some parents and guardians booked the lessons they wanted to observe and were part of the class.

Turkish Language Olympiad

What is Turkish Language Olympiad?


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