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Paradise High School held the annual athletics carnival on the last day of school in term two at the Sir John Guise Stadium. The event started around 9 a.m. and ended in the afternoon around 2. The carnival was prepared by the Physical Education teacher, Mr. Ilyas together with some teachers who were assigned for that event. The day started off with an assembly followed by the sporting events. Students took part in various athletic activities like the 100, 400 and 800m races, relay, discus, long jump and javelin according to their different divisions.


On the 22nd of September, a friendly match was organised between Paradise and Salvation Army Secondary School.  The first match was played between the two girls team.  The Salvation Army played well, but Paradise High school girls were consistent with their game plan and won two sets to nil.  The main match was played between the boys.  The Paradise boys put up a good line of defence and attacks, however, The Salvation Army boys played to get their best spikes and blocks to win a close game of two sets to 1.  Both schools had enjoyed the games and felt good with their fair share of victory.


Paradise High School, once again, has extended its helping hands to the needy people  of the  settlements in POM.  In cooperation  with ARO (Australian Relief  Organization), we  have distributed  four hundred food bags to the settlements of 9-mile, Baruni and Sabama. The food bags  include 5 kg of rice, 1 litre of cooking oil, 1 kg of wheat flour, 3 noodles, 3 tin  fish, 1 kg of sugar and 50 tea bags. The recipients of the food bags were so happy. Even an old woman  said that she had to take care of two orphan kids whose parents passed away.


On Tuesday 28th of June 2016, Paradise high school hosted the 9th annual Inter-school competition. The invitation was sent out earlier to different schools. There were eight schools who responded to join. Unluckily, one school failed to show up on that day. The Schools were Jubilee Catholic Secondary  school,  POMIS international school, Gerehu Secondary school, Kila-Kila secondary school, Sogeri National high school, St. Charles Luwanga and PHS. There were two contestants from each school. The participants were given 18 topics to choose from to speak about.


Poetry Recital Competition is one of the major events that is organized by the Language Department. Reciting poems enables the students to express the thought in poetry, build their self-confidence and extends the memory capacity.
On Wednesday  the 15th of June, a total of 28 students from Grade 6-12 participated in the Poetry Recital Competition. That was a great perfomiance  from the participants which amused the audience. The winners of the 2016 Poetry Recital Competition were the following:

1st place Travis Ellison (Grade 8),


PNG PHS has just celebrated a triumph victory from the U16 and especially the U18 girls division in the Inter-School Volleyball tournament. The one day journey took place on the 1st of June at the Taurama Aquatic Centre. This sporting event saw girls from high schools and secondary schools right around Port Moresby battling it out for the volleyball title. Our U18 girls won all their five matches while our U16 girls won three out of five matches .


The International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) is a big annual international event that takes place in different parts of the world. The IFLC in India took place from the 1st of May to the 3rd, with over 160 countries taking part. To represent our island nation in India was our very own Turkish teacher Mr. Aslan who had accompanied the young talent , Mr. Dago Geno. Dago Geno is a student from June Valley. He sang a song itled Labana in the Moutuan dialect by AK-47. When the PHS Writers team asked Mr.


IFLC (International Festival of Language and Culture) is an annual event that is organized in forty countries with the participation of two thousand students from one hundred and forty-five countries. The festival is the showcase of different cultures and languages. It promotes unity and harmony between the races, religions and cultures by using the universal language; music and folk dances.


On Tuesday the 22nd of March of week 8, there was a student free day in order to hold the Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) in school. The main purpose of this meeting is basically for the teachers to give the parents a “heads-up” or “update” on their child’s academic performance as well as behaviour for the past few weeks.


PHS conducted the Parent Orientation in week two on Thursday, 11th of February, 2016.

What is PHS Parent Orientation?


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