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The annual Anis writing competition took place in term one from week 6 to 8. The Anis writing competition was first held in 2013 with the aims for students to:  write stories using their imagination and creativity, to help students develop and build on their writing skills, and mainly to help student prepare for the written expression examinations when they reach grade 8, 10 and 12.



On Thursday the 23rd of March, Paradise High School’s annual Parents and Teachers Conference (PTC) was held at the school ground. The meetings began at 8:00 a.m. and ended around 4:30 p.m.  The meeting was intended to inform the parents about their child/children academic performance and discipline behavior over the past few weeks.



This year parent’s orientation program took place on Tuesday, February 14 at the Stanley Hotel Conference Hall.  A good number of parents came to attend the program that is an indication of their commitment towards their children’s education.


What is PHS Parent Orientation?


It’s an orientation for parents where you will have the opportunity to:



Paradise High School had once again held its yearly in service program for teachers on 16th-27th of January 2017.  The two-week induction program covered mostly a revision of the eight part video series of Harry K. Wong about the effective teacher and a workshop conducted by Mr. Alper Ciftci from Australia on the following topics:  Embedded Formative Assessment, 5SOMs, Planning Conversation, Coaching, Reflective Conversation and PLC’s.


In week seven, another parent and teachers conference was held at the school. The conference was conducted in the classrooms by the class patron of the different respective classes. The parents of each student were given a specific time to come to school and an allotted time to confer with the class teacher about their child’s performance in school. The conference provided the parents with information relating to their child’s academic progress and disciplinary or behavioural issues. It started around 8:00 a.m. and finished in the afternoon.


PHS had the launching of the new reading books on the first week of term three. More than five hundred books were put on display on a set-up library in the basketball court. A schedule was set for every class to follow as to when they can come to look at the new books and decide which one to borrow. Everyone was very excited to borrow a book that day. They simply cannot wait to read all the new books.


On the 31st of August 2016, Paradise High School participated in the inter-school volleyball tournament held at the Taurama Aquatic Indoor Complex. There was a total of six schools who participated which includes POMIS, POMNETS, Badihagua, De la Salle, Jubilee, and Paradise high school.  PHS came second in both under 16 and 18 divisions.


On the second week of term three both grade 11S and grade 11H went to visit the PNG FM radio company which has three station branches, namely, YUMI FM, NAW FM and Legend FM. The excursion was aimed to show the students how journos operate in their work stations in relation to their lesson in PD class which is under the supervision of Mrs. Anna Isau.  The students were divided into three groups and were assigned to do observations in each station.


Paradise High School held the annual athletics carnival on the last day of school in term two at the Sir John Guise Stadium. The event started around 9 a.m. and ended in the afternoon around 2. The carnival was prepared by the Physical Education teacher, Mr. Ilyas together with some teachers who were assigned for that event. The day started off with an assembly followed by the sporting events. Students took part in various athletic activities like the 100, 400 and 800m races, relay, discus, long jump and javelin according to their different divisions.


On the 22nd of September, a friendly match was organised between Paradise and Salvation Army Secondary School.  The first match was played between the two girls team.  The Salvation Army played well, but Paradise High school girls were consistent with their game plan and won two sets to nil.  The main match was played between the boys.  The Paradise boys put up a good line of defence and attacks, however, The Salvation Army boys played to get their best spikes and blocks to win a close game of two sets to 1.  Both schools had enjoyed the games and felt good with their fair share of victory.


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