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Spelling Bee (2010)

English Department had organized the ‘Paradise Spelling Bee 2010’ with the participation of about 150 students from Grade 6 to Grade 12. Parents, media and students witnessed a very challenging, exciting and enjoyable final for Junior Division (Grade 6 to 8) and Senior Division (Grade 9 to 12). There were 13 finalists from Junior Division and 12 finalists from Senior Division who challenged each other for the first, second and third prize. Students were given about 1500 words to study which contributed a lot for their vocabulary learning, spelling and pronunciation. Parents, media members and students had an unforgettable day watching the students with great enthusiasm and support.

Paradise Essay Competititon (2010)

Students participated in Paradise Essay Competition 2010 in junior and senior divisions. There were 40 entries from junior division and 20 entries from senior division from Grade 6 to 12. There were good number essays that were very well organized and written. English Department initiated the competition in order to discover the students who are good at writing and would be the future authors of PNG. A booklet will be compiled with the selected essays.

Media Freedom Week Music Competititon

Prior to the actual performance at the Sir John Guise Stadium on May 1, 2010, the participating students from PNG Paradise had a whole week of rehearsal. Since they (the students) were first‐timers in the competition, they were all looking forward to it. There was no turning back for them. NO WAY! Friday was the last day of rehearsals and the music room was crowded. 


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