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Summer School

Summer School is a new concept in PNG.60% of the questions in Grade 12 National Exam comes from the Grade 11 syllabus. Therefore, it has a great importance to have a strong foundation in Grade 11 in order to obtain better results in the National Exam. During the Summer School, we have covered the syllabus of General Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Language & Literature, History, Economics, Geography, Chemistry and Biology in 6 weeks from December 14th, 2015 to January 22nd, 2016.


On the 3rd of July, Paradise High School held its bi-annual, ‘Cultural Festival Show’ displaying the many dances and traditional music in PNG. Our school had the opportunity to showcase the pride of a diverse historical culture. Papua New Guinea is home to many languages and belief; the cultural show displayed 15 different dances from around Papua New Guinea. The presentation was usually a competition thus all the presenters had spent some time seriously in preparation to this most awaited event.


On the 4th of September 2015 Paradise high school held its annual athletics carnival at the Korobosea international School Soccer Field.  The aim of the athletics carnival was to promote cooperation, team work and friendship among the PHS students. These values are necessary and can only be developed socially through a positive social benefit through sports participation.

Spelling Bee Competition

Paradise High School held its annual intra-school Spelling Bee Competition on the 21st of May 2015. The competition for primary and secondary were held at the open stage but at different times. The primary’s competition was held during the 4th and 5th period where as the secondary’s competition was held during the 7th and 8th period.


On the 8th of May, Paradise High School held the 8th Annual Inter-school Speech Competition at the open stage. The schools that have participated are; Jubilee Catholic Secondary, St Charles Lwanga Secondary, Port Moresby International (POMIS),        St Joseph’s International Catholic College, Kopkop College, Sogeri National High, Koiari Park Adventist High, Gerehu Secondary and De La Salle Secondary. The judges for this event were Mr. Elias Kawas from UPNG, Mr. Joe Harry from IBS, Ms. Jemimah Nui from NAUFM and Ishmael Paul from IBS.

International Festival of Language & Culture

The International Festival of Language & Culture is an annual event that began in 2002. It started with a few countries participating, but as the years went by more than 100 countries took part.

Netball Tournament

NETBALL TOURNAMENT On the 2nd of June, the Physical Education Department organised a netball tournament amongst the Upper Primary and the Lower Secondary students. The competition took place within the school ground, during lunch breaks for a week. The game was made up of four teams from Grades 8, 9, 10 and 11 girls. The game of Netball is made up of 7 players, each one of the seven players play an important role in the game. It was a tough call for all the competitors due to the fact that all the girls who played were skilled their own way.

International Football Tournament

Paradise High School just recently welcomed back a team of U14 boys who took part in an international football tournament in Thailand. The team from PNG left on Wednesday, June 3rd and arrived in Thailand the next day. There were 11 countries who took part in the tournament with PNG being one of them. The team comprised of Jacob Benga (Captain), Ishmael Onglo, Lionel Tapako, Watson Koi, Thorbjorn Pohu, Ted Walizopa and Jerrol Lee. The 3 days tournament kicked off on Friday with the boys playing against Thailand team A at the Chulalongkorn University stadium.

Annis Essay Contest 2015

The Anis Competition is a school-organised writing competition, which began in 2013. It is a story writing competition in which students are expected to use creativity, imagination and many other relevant skills. It is an assessment task, thus, it is compulsory for everyone in the school.
This year the prompt was: ‘There is light at the end of the tunnel.’ Tell us your story.
There were three (3) different levels: the primary school (gr 6 -8), the lower secondary (gr9-10) and the upper secondary (gr 11 – 12).

Math Week 2015

Maths Week was an eventful week held with games and competitions.  These activities had greatly helped the students of Paradise High School probe their Mathematical ability  and critical thinking skills.  Many of the students participated and tried their best in the different activities; however,in the most enjoyable way.
The set of competitions were the following:  PI Competition, Number Drawing Competition, Numeracy Wizard, Paper Plane Throwing Competition, Jenga Competition, Bingo Competition, Domino Competition and Reverse Competition.


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