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General Knowledge Competition

On the 8th week of the fourth term, the Social Science Department conducted the general knowledge competition headed by the quiz coordinator Mrs. Logea Derrick, which went on the whole week. The competition was set up to allow students to revise and evaluate what they have learnt in the different subjects in an exciting manner. It also kept the students mind keen and sharp since it’s almost towards the end of the school academic year. It was a good avenue for students to do a thorough revision of what they have truly grasped from their lessons and find out how well they remember.

Turkish Language Week

Our school recently held Turkish Language Week celebration for the school year 2014.  It was a week-long event filled with variety of activities such as spelling bee, song performances, tongue twisters, knowledge competition and puzzle galore.

The main objective of the Turkish week is to enhance students’ ability and skills of the Turkish Language conventions.  The series of activities was open to the whole students’ populace.

Talent Show

The talent show is an event held by the school every two years. It is an extra-curricular activity, aimed to allow students to confidently display their talents.  Moreover, this activity provides a favorable condition for students to work cooperatively with other students from different grades level. Together they showcase their hidden ability through singing, dances, drama, and other skills which requires mental processes.

Distribution Of Meat

Paradise High School strives for helping people in need in various ways. We contacted Kimse Yok Mu Aid and Solidarity Association from Turkey to help us in funding distribution of meat to people in the settlements. They responded positively. We prepared 250 bags which contain 3-4 kg of meat and distributed 100 bags in Baruni Settlement and contributed 30 bags to the Anglicare Hospital and 136 bags to the different communities. In total, more than 250 families benefited from the contribution.

Street Ball Competition

The Physical Education Department had organized a street ball competition amongst the students in all grade level. The competition consisted of two categories: boys and girls. The event went on for two consecutive weeks during the third term.  It was specifically held during lunch break and after school hour.

Trip to Australia

A group of teachers, students and parents from Paradise High School went to a trip to Australia from 21st September to 27th September. The trip covered three cities of Australia; Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Speech Contest 2014

Our School has recently held the 7th annual intra- school speech contest event on the 12th of September 2014 at the open stage.  Students from grade 9 and grade 10 classes took part on this event.

Story Telling Competition

On the 26th of August 2014, PHS held the annual story telling competition within the primary school.
Each grade 6, 7 and 8 were divided into two groups for presentation of a story for the competition. The primary aim of this activity is to promote cooperative learning wherein students work in collaboration to put their ideas in writing a story with a good moral lesson. Along with it is to enhance their skills in acting and improve their confidence to play the specific function expected from them.

Optometrists Visit People In Need

Paradise High School has invited two optometrists from Australia, Mr. Mesut Kivrak and Mr. Hayssam Khalaf, to visit rural areas to conduct an eye-check. The optometrists visited the communities along the Central Province coastline in the Kairuku Hiri District, National Capital District, Rigo District and Abau District on Saturday, August 30th. They checked 124 patients and provided them eye-glasses if they were required to wear one. The second day of their stay, the optometrists visited the settlement in 5-mile and went through an eye-check of 100 patients and also provided them glasses.

6th Spelling Bee

PNG Paradise High School held the 6th Spelling Bee Competition on August 7th this year at the school open stage. It was participated by selected primary and secondary students. The competition amongst the Juniors students took place during the 4th and 5th period while the Senior students competed during the 7th and 8th period.


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