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3rd Science Fair

The Science Fair is a biennial activity which begun at 2010 and organized by Science Department. The aim of this activity is to show how science works in practice. There are many other benefits of organizing this activity as well. Some of them are, increasing students’ interest and knowledge in science, teaching students how to work in a group, giving opportunity to the students to present their projects and gain self confidence, interacting with other school students and sharing their knowledge, etc. Students have chosen their projects and worked on them since first term.

Community Service-Donation

The life is so expensive and difficult for the people who are leaving in the settlements in POM. The conditions in the some settlements are so tough that people have to live without electricity and water and literally have no access to the education and health. Paradise High School tries to reach out the communities in various ways to help them.

Annis Essay Contest

The ANIS COMPETITION is a school-organised writing competition which began in 2013. It is a story writing competition in which students are expected to use creativity, imagination and many other relevant skills. It is an assessment task, thus, it is compulsory for everyone in the school.

This year the prompt was: ‘You were abducted by aliens and taken to another planet. You returned to earth  after ten years.’ Tell us your story.

Picnics and Going to the Cinema

At Paradise High School, students are given rewards for working well as a class when they excel in their school tests and exams. Each class earns a marble if their test total average as a class is over 65%. If one of the classes gains 10(ten) marbles, they are given the opportunity to go to the cinema the following weekend or the weekend after to watch a movie paid by the school.

Reading Period

In Paradise High school, a student’s vocabulary and grammar are always tested; therefore, students are to read to expand their knowledge. Students are required to read books from the library; two books are to be borrowed. One book is to be read in the school and is kept in the class reading box and the other is to be read at home.

Sports Clubs

Aside from being given tones of school work, the school has also made it possible to balance students learning experiences by introducing extracurricular activities. One in particular is the Sports Clubs. The Sports Clubs were established at the start of the year and consist of four main clubs:

·         Basketball

·         Volleyball

·         Netball

·         Futsal

Student Information System

Paradise High School has once again brought a great advancement into the school. From the introduction of the Active board, a new system had been created and set up on the school’s website.

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is the pillar of the education. Research shows that of all period of a child’s life, the year between 3 and 6 is the most important in a child’s growth and development. That’s why early childhood education is crucial for the journey to life-long learning.

Early childhood educators therefore play a critical role as architects of each child’s future. Thus, it is vital to learn constantly, upgrading and sharing knowledge, attending workshops and seminars to develop professionally.

Picnic in Sogeri

Grade 12 Humanities and Science students had a break from their studies and travelled to Crystal Rapids to have fun on Saturday, May 24. We met at 9:30 at school and moved to Sogeri. 

Grade 10 Outdoor Activity

On Friday the 25th of May 2014, the grade 10 students of PNG PARADISE HIGH SCHOOL went for an outdoor activity at Ela Beach with their Social Science teacher Miss Luvi. Since the class topic was on


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