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Tapa Writing Competition

Tapa Pacific Publishing in conjunction with the Harvey Family Trust, the National Library of PNG and the Department of Education Curriculum Division organized a writing competition in August. The writing competition aimed at discovering and promoting writing talents in Papua New Guinea and prizes were awarded in three categories;
1. JUNIOR WRITERS (Primary students – Aged 8 – 13)

Mathletics Puzzle Contest

Mathletics is a puzzle contest which is organized by Paradise High School Mathematics Department. It is an international contest which is organized in PNG, Myanmar, Maldives and Laos. There are 3 levels in the contest. Upper Primary Level is for grade 7 and 8 students, Lower Secondary is for grade 9 and 10 and Upper Secondary is for grade 11 and 12 students. For each category, there are 20 questions with different points according to the level of difficulty. The questions are prepared in cooperation with the teachers of the Mathematics Department of the sister school in Myanmar.

Speech Contest

The Speech Contest is an Annual Event tasked by the English Department at PNG Paradise High School. This year 2011 the event was set for September 2. A committee comprising of Mathematics and English Department was formed purposely to coordinate the distribution and follow up of the invitation letters for the two major events – Mathletics for Mathematics Department and Speech Contest for English Department.  Twenty two schools were invited for the Speech Contest, but only eleven schools participated.

International Turkish Olympiad

International Turkish Olympiad is the largest language Olympiad in the world. Seven hundred and fifty students from one hundred and twenty countries participated in the Olympiad last year. Students compete in different categories such as singing, reciting poem, drawing, special talent, cultural dance, and etc. Students have a unique opportunity to promote their countries and cultures, make lots of international friends and experience extra-ordinary hospitality and beauty of Turkey as a country and its people for two weeks.

Pixel Puzzle

Information Technology Department of Paradise High School organizes one of the most promising design contest named ‘Pixel Puzzle Digital Contest’ annually. Pixel Puzzle offers an opportunity to the students at different level to illustrate the kind of creativity that students bring to the planning and design process. The disciplinary solution requires students to follow a planning process from the start to completion of the project, with thorough documentation. In addition, it provides all students the chance to reveal their inner talent on designing.  

Science Boat

As the going gets tough, the tough gets going’
Competition open to all levels but just seven groups registered. These groups include; Billy and Falon from 12H, Michael and Shane from 12S, Crystal, Olivia and Sylvania from 11S, Angeline and Andy from 11S, Samuel and Damien from 11H, Mark and Joshua from 9 and Emily, Erobes, Abigail also from 9.
Students Interest and Enthusiasm

Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is an important annual activity on Paradise High School calendar. The school sees how important it is in learning new vocabulary words, and the Spelling Bee contest is an excellent way of to foster it. Through the Spelling Bee Contest we hope that this contest would reawaken students’ desire to read books so as to enhance their vocabulary and correctness in spelling.

National Examinations 2010

Our students performed well in the National Examinations 2010.
Grade 12 National Examination 2010

  • Twenty-three students
  • One Student Bachelor Degree in Divine Word University
  • One Student in Kokopo Business College
  • Four Students in POM Business College

Grade 10 National Examination 2010

Math Week

Week 7 of Term 1 was not an ordinary week for the students of our school. The students had the Maths Week of the year. There were four main activities and one presentation carried out during the week. These activities are namely, Bingo Tournament, Jenga Tournament, IQ League and Puzzle Competition. The aim of the week is to make Mathematics a subject which is liked by the students and to show that Mathematics is also an enjoyable subject.

Induction Program

here are two types of training taking place at school:
1. Formal programs as called Induction Program: Induction Program takes place prior to commencing of the new academic year. It takes two weeks and covers various titles on education and the school.
2. Unofficial programs called “training on job”: We have initiated several creative and educational programs at school which will train the teachers through the involvement such as


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