Message From The Principal


Dear Reader,

If someone asks me to describe the culture of Paradise College, I will say without a hesitation “aspire to achieve more”. There are loads of things to achieve in life; however, we can’t accomplish all. We need to prioritize. Therefore; after some brain-storming sessions, we draw our roadmap for 2018:

1. Invest in Curriculum: we have decided to blend PNG curriculum with Cambridge curriculum to enhance learning experiences of the students and improve quality of teaching.
2. Invest in Technology: we have already purchased latest technology active boards and 77 inch touch TV screens. It is the most advanced educational technology currently. We are planning to subscribe more magazines and websites.
3. Invest in Books: we have already purchased good number of textbooks, resources and story books from the different publishers for the students to read and study apart from their textbooks

In line with academic progress, investing in value education is vitally important. Producing students without values and ethics is not right. Therefore, we are using CaVE (Character Value Education) program from England to instill some of the universal values in our students.
There is a huge world out there. There are great opportunities to develop ourselves and be a better person in every means. Most of the time, we talk about others’ achievement and success stories. I think it is the right time to ask ourselves why I can’t be one of those people who change the way that we live.
Close your eyes and imagine the person you would like to be. Do not let anyone to tell you “you can’t or it is too late”. You don’t have to have super abilities or talents; you just need to be yourself. Don’t let the mistakes you made discourage you to become the person you would like to be. Make mistakes, again make mistakes and at least put an effort to become the person you would like to be. Leave all the negative thoughts aside. Take a small step, then another step, then another one. Do not postpone things that you would like to do. Focus with all your power. Activate your spirit, be enthusiastic.

I hope and wish some of our students will leave a mark in the history of the humankind and PNG in future. Your goals give you direction, Paradise College lights the way. I wish all the parents and students a great year of 2018.