Message From The Principal


Dear Reader,


In order to achieve higher level or reach better performance, a person or an organization must have a purpose or a target in their life or in their existence. And the target should not be too easy to reach instead should be challenging and demanding so that the person or the organization can improve themselves in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and quality.


As Paradise High School, we set our goals to accomplish in the beginning of the academic year. For 2017 Academic Year, the goals are:


1. Becoming a Cambridge International School to offer “O” Level and “A” Level curriculum integrated with PNG curriculum so that our students will have an opportunity experiencing international curriculum and  challenged more academically.
2. Implementing CaVE (Character and Value Education) curriculum to instill and promote universal values among our students. The curriculum is from UK and used in forty different countries currently.
3. Moving to the New Campus in 2018 so that the students will have better facilities.
4. Affiliating universities in the Philippines. It will give more options to the students to attend international universities to excel in their studies.
5. Introducing Robotics to improve students thinking and creative skills.
6. Involving in community service activities with the students.
7. For the National Exams;
Grade 8: Total subject average will be 124 out of 150.
Grade 10: 80% Distinction, 15% Credit and 5% Upper Pass. The subject averages would be: Mathematics 40/50, English 41/50, Science 43/50, Social Science 40/50, Personal Development 44/50, Business Studies 40/50 and Information Technology 44/50.
Grade 12: Minimum subject average would be 70 out of 100.


Apart from the above targets, there will be many extra-curricular activities such as Sports’ Tournaments, Speech Contest, ANIS Writing Competition, Recital Poem Competition, and many more.  Besides, SIS (Student Information System) has a new future. We hope that more parents will use SIS to follow their child’s academic and social performance constantly.  


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our teaching and ancillary staff for collaborating and being enthusiastic and showing dedication in their work. Increasing number of students is an evidence of the work they perform. And also I would like to acknowledge parents who promote the school to the people around them.


I hope that we will accomplish everything we set ahead us with joy in 2017.



Best in education,


Mr. Abdurrahman AYDIN