Annual projects are assessable projects which has been a culture of academic requirements in Paradise High School. Its main objective is to let the students work collaboratively in groups to do research and prepare a power point presentation. The annual project is given to all grades except for the examining grades 8, 10 and 12. The number of projects depends on the number of subjects that the students are taking. Annual projects aren’t done individually but in groups. The groups were chosen by the teachers’ in-charge. The subject teachers make sure that each group members possesses characteristic and ability which complement each other to be able to come up with a successful annual project. A set of topics then are chosen by the subject teacher from the different lessons related to the subject and distributed to each group. Moreover, a deadline map which shows the objectives, steps and date of meeting and completion of the project is given to each group to serve as guide. For each group a secretary and a leader are appointed, and given the responsibilities to control the group and report back to the teacher about the progress of the project.
Each group holds a log book, where the secretary record down the daily progress of their research. It contains the responsibilities of each members and information for the project that the group is tasked to comply.  The students do their research in the library, on the internet and through other medium as well to complete the necessary information for their project. However plagiarism is strictly prohibited, so the students get the information and summarised it using their own words.  And after the projects are done, the students make hard copies and soft copies of their project.  The hard copy contains all the information that the students have researched on and the soft copy containing the summary of all information researched.  Then the students present their soft copies through a power-point presentation to their classes.
Some of the students were interviewed to find out what they thought about the annual projects. They thought it was a real challenge. It is hard though but a good way to build their sense of responsibility and confidence. 


By Mimigale Samoa (Grade 8)