The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) is an annual event open to schools worldwide.  It composes of three categories: primary, secondary, and high school level questions. Students with high potential in mathematics join to represent their respective schools.
Paradise High School (PHS) is one among those schools in Papua New Guinea who is taking part in the AMC.  A group of qualified student has already been undergoing training for the said event. What enable these students to join AMC is their ability to solve questions and mathematical problems. Most students have said that taking part in the AMC is a wonderful and challenging learning experience.  Solving previous questions, doing corrections and revisions have given them the chance to challenge their mental ability. It gives them a certain feeling of achievement within themselves and for the school as well. Paradise High School has been taking part in the AMC since 2009.
Participants for the AMC are lucky since they will receive merits for having participated on the said event. This achievement is of help when applying to different schools, colleges or universities as provides extra document signifying outstanding performance in Mathematics especially for the students who will score very high.
Therefore, the AMC is a great avenue where schools can show how competitive their students are in this area base on their student’s performance and ability.  Student’s hardworking effort in solving questions will definitely pay off in the result of their achievement. Twenty students from grade seven to twelve will be sitting for AMC on Thursday, August 7th. I wish success for all the participants.
By Abraham WEMIN (Grade 9B)