PNG Paradise High School during week 2 of term 2 hosted Math's week 2016 during week two. The teachers who collaborated to make the Math's week possible were teacher Sinna Aydin, Mr. Ismail, Ms. Bargel, and Mr. Ibrahim. The aim of Math week was to get students more interested in Math and have fun while doing it. Students of all grades were allowed to participate in various games that were held. Games included were domino, bingo, jenga , paper plane competition  and pie contest. The games helped  to boost students thinking  skills [problem solving skills] in a fun and interactive way. Mr. Ibrahim commented that the biggest problem faced during the Math week was how certain games had to be postponed because of a number of students coming late which caused major inconvenience for other participants. but all in all the week ended  successfully. The winners for the games;

Jenga: Corina kome 9b,

Bingo: Agano Koriemba 12s, and Aurora Takendu Gr.7.

Domino: Ishmael kamgwia 12s.

Paper plane: Boris Ageda Gr.8.

Pie competition: 12h class.


A big thanks to all the students who participated in the games and to the teachers who made the Math week possible. PNG Paradise High School is more than a school. :)


By  Valerie Haro 9B