Message from Deputy Principal Academic

Term one of this academic year had finally come to an end! For those who have ears and had listened to the academics advises-cheers! I’m sure you are celebrating your success now.  For those who have failed to listen, you have one week holiday to go over your academic performance to do revisions and necessary reflections on how to improve in term two. You still have three remaining terms to work on.  The academic guideline which has been repeatedly reminded to you, are important tools to help you achieve your academic goals this school year. Thus, when you listen and comply you will surely succeed.


Students’ academic achievement for term one is so far satisfactory.  Less than 50 percent of the students had diligently completed their homework.  Thereby, plus points were added into their discipline points.  All students are encouraged to complete their homework accurately in term two not only to attain good marks but to further improve on other skills such as, reading, writing, spelling and Arithmetic. The student study checklist is given for you to learn how to draw a realistic study-time table and to fill out the required number of pages read, number of hours studies and number of questions solved daily. So far most of the students have tried to complete it. A good progress in reading has been shown in the first term, except for a few students whose points were deducted for not having a reading book. Moreover, less number of students had given in their book report which is not acceptable. You are required to hand in a book report to your Language teacher as soon as you finish reading a book.  Furthermore, please bear in mind that there is a strong correlation between reading and academic success. A student who is a good reader is more likely to do well in school and pass exams than a student who is a weak reader.  And students who read extensively acquire large vocabularies which help them to express themselves well in speaking and writing.  Finally, the first term achievement you get brings happiness in your life.  Never lose confidence and always go ahead in your path.  I wish you congratulation and all the best in the coming term.


My sincerest gratitude, to the parents and guardians, for the continuous support and guidance in their children’s academic endeavour.  


Mrs. Ma. Agnes Bartolome

Deputy Principal Academic