Message from Deputy Principal Admin

Congratulations! You have completed the first term at your new grade level. I hope you have achieved your goals for term 1 or made positive progress towards achieving them. You should now evaluate your behavior, both in and outside of the classroom. Your relationship with your peers and teachers should also be of concern to you. Where you encouraging to your peers? Did you respect your peers and teachers? Did you respect and follow the school rules? Where you an advocate of good values? The answers to these questions should help you decide the personal goals you will set for term 2. I wish you the best behavior in term 2!

Generally, student behavior and discipline in term 1 was satisfactory. Student punctuality to school has improved this year but there were still cases of students who live nearby coming late. The detention policy this year for lateness and homework has been quite successful with students making positive changes after being on detention. However, there were students who skipped detentions and very few were on repeat detentions. In relation to attendance to school, there are students who have accumulated some number of days of absence. Excused absence, which is due to lateness will be added to the number of days of absence and has being actioned in term 1. You should therefore be mindful of your lateness and attendance. There have been reported cases of students being disrespectful to their peers and teachers. This is unacceptable behaviour and must be discouraged in term 2. More emphasis will be on student behaviour in the classrooms next term. All students should contribute to make term 2 an enjoyable and rewarding time for both the students and teachers.

I would also like to thank the parents and guardians for their understanding and patience when affairs concerning their children are being dealt with by the school. 

Thank you and enjoy your holiday.


Deputy Principal Administration