6E Mother’s Day Program

We celebrated the Mother’s Day on Friday, 19th of May, 2017.  Our mothers came to our classroom.  We celebrated because our mothers are the ones who take care of us since we were born.  We want to let them feel how special they are since they are always around us in whatever circumstances we are in. We ate and had fun together.  All the mothers enjoyed their day.

Gabriella Badira Peter 6E



7C Mother’s Day Program
The Grade 7 Caring Class sets up a wonderful Mother’s Day program for all the special mothers of each student.  The Mother’s Day program was held to celebrate the importance and show appreciation of what each student had for their mother.

The mothers had fun playing games, eating and watching while listening to what the kids have prepared for them.

It was held on a Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at school.  In the end, the students took photos with their mothers and gave them a card with a handmade rose.

Michaelyn Chan 7C


8B Mother’s Day Tea Program
On Friday 12th of May, the Grade 8 Balanced class organized a Mother’s Day Tea program.  All mothers were invited but unfortunately on a few turned up.  Although only a few turned up, the program was still successful. The students had been planning for a week and prepared well for it.  The program went successfully with different presentations such as songs, poems, tokens and messages.  It was a very emotional day for both mothers and the students. 

Stacey Rawuth 8B